Team Liquid About To Add ibiza, Jeemzz & Sambty

Team Liquid could shake up the European competitive PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS scene by signing Team Kinguin’s ibiza, PENTA Sports’ Jeemzz and Tempo Storm’s Sambty to form a new roster around Scoom. Per sources, the players have mutually agreed to the new line-up. As all three additions are still under contract with other organizations, agreements are what is holding back the deal.

In December, Team Liquid’s Hayz announced that he is still under contract but looking for other opportunities. As a result of the transfers, he would ultimately step down from the active roster as well as Ollywood and MOLNMAN, whose future would be uncertain.

If all transfers go through, this would mean that Tempo Storm would still maintain a full roster (Valliate, Dre, Meluke, Randingo) as they previously ran five-man roster. Team Kinguin, on the other hand, would be missing a fourth player (Larsen, Gaxy, Lore) and PENTA Sports would be left with only two players (simsyofdoom, ultra) after Frosz announced his free agency about a month ago. However, it is uncertain whether or not the transfers will take place before the Auzom Premier League Season 2 kicks off on January 14. During the season, only two roster changes per team are allowed.

Update: The start of the Auzom Premier League Season 2 got delayed by one week “to assess the current state of the servers”.

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