Licorice: “Unsealed Spellbook can be really crazy if both bot lanes take it.”

After Cloud 9 delivered swift justice to 100 Thieves, we got to inquire about Licorice’s time on C9 thus far, his take on Unsealed Spellbook and his opinion of Korean top laners.

Thanks for the opportunity to speak with you. I want to dive straight into you playing carry champions, because first you got to play Jayce and now Camille. Is this C9 suggesting you to play carries, or are you the vocal voice saying that you want to play carries?

We’ve played both tanks and carries in scrims. It just feels like, for the meta and the team right now, that the carry champions are a better fit, but if the meta shifts towards tanks, I don’t think we’ll have any issues.

Do you feel a massive pressure playing a carry for a team full of veterans? Or is it more reassuring that they trust you to play carries?

There’s definitely some pressure, but at the same time, they’re all really supportive. In game they ask how they can help me out and it feels pretty nice.

For your shift from Challenger Series to LCS, what was the most crucial thing you had to improve upon?

When I first joined Challenger, the thing that I would say I was missing was moving an advantage that I would get in lane to the rest of the map. Joining LCS again, a lot of it’s just macro and just being in the right place at the right time, because there’s been scrims where I’ve not been in the right place (laughs). It’s a learning process.

Speaking about your game against 100 Thieves specifically, it seems like your team is running Unsealed Spellbook a lot. What’s your opinion on bot laners being able to take teleport?

It’s interesting for sure. It can be really crazy if both bot lanes take it. The meme is that it’s a 5-man bot lane, but when bot lane has Teleport it’s a 5-man everywhere. Any fight turns into a bunch of people teleporting in and fighting it out.

Do you think it’s good for the game?

Kind of. It can make it more exciting, but there’s also a lot more to think about in-game.

Does it change your own playstyle significantly?

I have a lot more backup, so I can play more aggressively. So, it’s nice for me, definitely.

What’s your opinion on Korean top laners being heralded as “the best”? Do you think this is an accurate depiction, in that, there’s a massive gap between NA and Korean top laners?

I wouldn’t say there’s a massive gap but I think there definitely is one. I’m not quite sure what it is exactly, I don’t really know but I think there is a gap though.

What’s your favorite type of licorice? Red or Black?

I like them both, but I eat red licorice more often than black.

You’re a Red Vines guy, right?

Yeah, Red Vines *laughs*

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