Kobbe on why Splyce games take so long, Tristana, being a Top 3 Team

After Splyce’s match against SK last Friday, we sat down with Kobbe to talk about Splyce’s playstyle, champion picks and how the team ranks itself in Europe right now.

First of all, congratulations on your victory today. You’re now on a 3-game win streak, which is very impressive. Are you satisfied with your performance on Tristana today?

I suppose I have to be. It was almost a perfect game for me, sadly I died that one time, but overall it was a good game.

Now some people have claimed that Splyce is a late-game team, but you have personally refuted that. Nonetheless, this game went to over 40 minutes, and you had a mind baffling total of 6 Drakes. What is it that causes Splyce’s games to go that long, even if it isn’t something you go for?

This game was not strictly a good counterexample, but it is simply a matter of us having gotten the champions that we wanted. Many of the champions that we enjoy playing, especially Humanoid and I, just so happen to be late-game champions- such as Azir and Tristana. But that isn’t to say that we couldn’t have ended this game before; it could’ve easily been finished at 25 to 30 minutes.

Our problem lies in that we’re not always good enough at closing out games and ending them when we should – that’s what happened today. Then what happens is that we slowly approach the 40-minute mark and because we’re playing some of our favorite champions, who also scale, we just automatically win. We make some small mistakes that keep us down, unable from ending, and sometimes even if the game is virtually won at 20 minutes, it can take a lot longer before the Nexus actually explodes.

So is that a priority for Splyce now, avoiding this scaling, or do you still take some comfort in knowing just how clean your late-game is and feel comfortable with it?

It is definitely something we have to work on. The only real mistake we made in this game was to go after yet another Drake instead of going Baron, which in turn allowed the enemy team to go and grab a free baron. Even though we manage to kill them afterwards, there’s now a suddenly a 6-minute gap where we can’t take Baron ourselves, and if we’d gotten that baron instead, the game would’ve instantly ended rather than going on for so long.

How does it happen that you end up in such a situation, where you allow the opposing team to go and get a free Baron even though you are in total control of the game?

It’s a matter of us simply being overly confident and plain arrogant.  We know we have a strong late-game, and that causes us to just take it easy, especially when we have a decently strong early game; we know we’ll win no matter what. And that causes slip-ups, and then the extended games follow.  

Now even though you say that Splyce isn’t a late-game team, you do still decide to pick some late-game champions, like Azir in the mid lane, and in your case, Tristana – which outside of being a rare pick in the professional scene is also very much a scaling pick. What makes you decide to go for the Tristana in this game?

We were actually planning to play something else, but they picked a really strong bot lane in Ashe and Tahm Kench, and then I just felt like Tristana would be the perfect fit for our team comp.

I really enjoy playing Tristana myself; she is a hyper carry marksman with playmaker potential – even in the early game where you can jump aggressively in with your W.  And even though the current meta favors early game ADCs a lot more, I just really thoroughly enjoy Tristana, and I would love it if I could get to play her some more.

Is it a pick that we should expect to see more of from Splyce?

Hopefully not too much, because then that would mean that we’d be running the exact same team comp every single game – it is incredibly rare that Tristana fits well into a composition. The ADC meta basically revolves around the same 15-20 champions, of which 3-4 are in rotation at any one point, but there are still much more strong AD Carries which you can pick, but only under certain circumstances, so it’s simply a matter of recognizing a good opportunity and then seizing it. Personally, I have a wide selection of champions that I really enjoy playing, and I really like playing a diverse set of champions too, so I  hope that I get to pull some of them out over the next couple of weeks.

And to end things off – as said, you’re currently on a three-game win streak, with a match against Fnatic tomorrow, a team that many consider a clear top two team in Europe. How are you going to maintain your current win streak, both tomorrow against Fnatic and then moving on from there?

I think we just have to continue doing the same thing that we’re already doing, and focus on the small mistakes that we tend to make once in a while.

Personally, I see Splyce as a clear top 3 team in the LEC, and our victory against Origen wasn’t an exception either; until they beat us, I believe that we are firmly better than them. So, for now, we’re only really working to beat Fnatic and G2, as they’re our competition, and if we make top2, then we get to go straight to the semifinals, which makes it a lot easier to go to Worlds, which is obviously our biggest priority.

Thank you for your time!

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