Jensen: “I think the C9 fanbase is less toxic than others.”

When it comes to placing your bets, it’s not a bad idea to place them on Cloud 9, unless of course you decided to bet on them in Week 6.

Cloud 9 got completely demolished by 100 Thieves and then sprang back to life against Clutch Gaming on Sunday. C9 are still looking like a dominant team, but they have been brought down to earth to review what could be a weakness.

Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen was measured during his interview with Izento, as he talked about Svenskeren’s image as a ward bot, Jensen’s change from lane pressure to global pressure and his opinion on criticisms about MVP.

Cloud 9 was defeated by 100 Thieves and just now, you were able to take down Clutch Gaming, who are looking very hot right now. How do you feel about the week in general?

This weekend highlighted some of our weaknesses. A big reason as to why we lost against 100 Thieves was because we were scared of getting vision and we were playing scared in the side-lanes because of Galio. Whenever we played against Galio in scrims, he would get destroyed in mid lane, but I can’t really do that on stage if we don’t have vision and he is playing smarter. I think it just showed us that we played too scared against global pressure and that’s mainly why we couldn’t do anything that game because we were waiting for them to make the first move.

Against Clutch Gaming, I think we played well and there weren’t too many mistakes.

With Svenskeren added to the roster, people were drawing comparisons of Bjergsen having a ward bot and now you have the ward bot. Did you expect to have a vision-centric and control-style jungler?

I wouldn’t even say that he’s that specifically, he’s just a guy that likes pressuring a lot. He’s smart with vision and overall he’s a solid player. The thing I knew about Svenskeren before he joined us, was that he is good at pressuring buffs and camps. So, whenever you play something that has mid priority, it’s easy for him to play because he will pressure the enemy jungler.

Do you think Svenskeren’s style fits you better as a laner than Contractz?

With the old lineup we were basically playing mid laners that would always win lane and Contractz would just snowball around that. Now we’re more flexible and we can play a style that fits us. Overall, I’d say he’s a great addition to the team and he’s easier to work with because of the adaptability.

This might be the best season for high level mid laners in NA. What do you think differentiates your playstyle from players like Bjergsen, Febiven or PowerofEvil?

It’s hard to pinpoint something specific because most mid laners are somewhat similar. People have different weaknesses and priorities, but I think if I play something that’s aggressive, I’m better at punishing harder than other mid laners.

Your playstyle has seemingly shifted towards global pressure. What prompted this change?

I wouldn’t say there’s anything specific that prompted this, but it’s easier for the team if I’m on a pick that can pressure the entire map. In the past, I would play something that would just win lane and snowball the game through that. We’re expanding our playstyle more rather than just playing through mid lane.

This was a bit of a hot topic but I feel like it might come up again this year. With you not getting MVP last year and having your past as Incarnati0n, you’re like the villain of mid laners. Do you think you get more criticism than other mid laners?

I think in the beginning people had a hard time accepting me. But if you’re a great player and you perform well, people will say, “I’ll just forget about it. He’s a good mid laner and it seems like he’s a good guy now”. That’s the way I think it shifted and as long as I perform well, people will support me, even during our loses. Maybe it’s the C9 fanbase, but I think it’s generally less toxic than others.

You had amazing stats last year. When you hear things like that and even now many are saying you’re the best mid laner in NA, does this affect your mindset in how you play for the rest of the season?

I wouldn’t say so, but it makes me happy to hear that. I’m good at being self-objective and if I don’t think I’m playing well, it’s something that I’ll look to improve on. I won’t be stubborn thinking that I’m the best because that kind of mindset is bad to possess, but at the same time, you have to be confident and think you’re the best because you’re just going to play scared. If you’re playing a matchup that is supposed to win, but you’re not playing it to win, then you’re doing something wrong. Stats or awards aren’t something that really affect my level of play though.

What’s your opinion on Riot dropping this huge patch in the middle of the split?

Initially it sounded scary but after playing on it for a bit I think it’s pretty cool. I think changes are healthy even though it seems like a big change for mid laners and junglers. I wish it wouldn’t go this fast but after experiencing the patch, I’m excited to play it in competitive.

Good job today and best of luck fighting for seeding into playoffs.

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