Jankos: “I don’t think a lot of NA players have a lot of “personality” either, it basically comes down to EU players not streaming as much.”

After the 2-0 stomp against Vitality, we talked to the H2k Jungler Jankos about the series, his expectations for playoffs, the “EU has no personality”-drama and him being a lot more relaxed when playing on-stage. Enjoy!

Congratulations on the win, how do you feel right now?

Thank you, I feel like usual. The win doesn’t really make a difference. I mean it’s better to win than to lose, but it’s the real test that is ahead of us.

To be fair though, if you would’ve lost this series you might have had a tough time against the Unicorns of Love?

Yeah I agree. But at the same time I’d never expect us to lose to Vitality, Monkeys, or… Hm. Splyce is a hard one, they’re a good team but they play worse against us. I honestly think they could beat UoL. As for us, I think we still need to improve a lot. I think we’d be have a shot against G2, if we were to directly qualify for the Semifinals, but I still think there’s something missing for us.

What about Fnatic? You, G2 and Fnatic are the three teams that people hold up as Europe’s top 3 at the moment.

I think Fnatic is in a better shape than G2 right now. But Fnatic’s playstyle is really aggressive and they’re tilters as well. So if we were to take a game off of them in a series, it should be easier the longer the series goes. The same happened when they played Roccat or G2 during last split’s semifinals. I think they’re beatable but at the same time they’re the best team in Europe right now. They’re better than G2 and us at the moment.

You tweeted today that you “couldn’t wait to smash Vander” and you most certainly did! Did you have fun doing so?

Yeah, it’s always fun playing Vander because he’s a former teammate for two-three years. I used to play with Nukeduck and Yamato as well so it was nice facing them as well. Obviously, wrecking Vander on the rift was most important to me though, and it was a safe assumption that we’d do so anyway.

(The gif above is the gif Jankos was referring to)

Do you have a special relationship with him specifically?

We are friends in general, rather than only colleagues/opponents on the rift only. So it’s always nice playing him. I wanted to bait him with my banter, but he didn’t tweet anything in reply. Today he didn’t make a single tweet so I was really sad. I originally wanted to tweet a gif of a train that wrecks a tunnel and smashes it in the process (laughs)

You probably have seen the “EU has no personality” discussion going on on reddit. As someone who has been known for having a very out-there kind of personality, what’s your take on the matter?

I mean it does make sense to a degree, but it basically comes down to EU players not streaming as much. Also, random players don’t trashtalk much and if Rekkles were to do that he’d basically be viewed as the EU Doublelift. I don’t think a lot of NA players have a lot of “personality” either, it’s just that NA teams have way more fans because of streaming.

I wouldn’t agree with this notion, I think EU has loads of great personalities. We just need to do a better job at showing it to the people. But I believe that this or next year more EU players will start streaming, teams will focus more on Social Media so more people will care more about the EU scene. Because right now even EU fans support NA teams because of this. It’s not solely on us and I’d wish that more EU residents would support the EU teams too. I agree that we definitely could do a better job at showing our personal side to the people though.

I think we all can improve in this regard, us journalists included! That said, you’ve always been a very active player on stage. When you got a kill you used to get really excited and shout a lot, but for the past split you’ve been very focused and kept a straight face during games. Was that something you changed on purpose?

I’m trying to be more concentrated. On one hand, I’m not getting as excited as I used to, not as hypey as before, but if we lose or I make a mistake, I don’t get down or tilted either. There’s no big difference between my mindset when we win and when we lose now. I feel a lot more even and… Good, yeah.

Anything you’d like to say to the H2K or Jankos fans?

Since I didn’t have the opportunity to do this before, I’d like to apologize for what I did against G2. I jumped on Trick but instead of backing off instantly because I couldn’t do much, I taunted him twice which caused me to die. It looked like I was inting, which is something I’d never do, so I’d like to apologize to my and the H2k fans. This is something a pro player shouldn’t do and I feel bad to this day for doing it. I’m sorry guys, this won’t happen again. But know as well that I didn’t do it on purpose, that it was just a really really dumb decision by me. I regret it a lot.

Thank you very much for your time!

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