InSec joins Origen

After multiple rumors about a potential new Origen line-up, with Choi “inSec” In-seok the first player has now been confirmed. After competing for Royal Club and KT Rolster he recently played for DS Gaming in Chinese Challenger until December of 2017. The Chinese team has been disbanded since.

The player is specifically known for establishing a move on Lee Sin: By ward hopping behind an enemy and ulting them from behind, Lee Sin’s ult could be used as a form of CC. This move is also known as an “inSec”, given that he was the one to be the first to pull it off in pro play.

However, given that it’s midnight and therefore April 1st in China, this could be a case of April Fool’s.

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Alexander Hugo

Alexander studied Media and Communication Management in Berlin and London with additional two years of legal studies in Osnabrück, Germany. The Shotcaller is his second esports related project after founding PENTA Sports in 2014.

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