IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational 2017 Power Rankings

Right before the IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational 2017 kicks off, we deliver The Shotcaller’s IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational 2017 Power Rankings. We took a look at all the twelve invitees as well as at the eight teams that managed to qualify in very tough qualifiers, with more than 2,000 players competing.

20) Luminosity Gaming

Line-up: Ninja, JP2, DrasseL, chipzy
Status: Invited

The line-up around the famous streamer Ninja took home the trophy in the Gamescom PUBG Invitational back in August but since then the squad hasn’t participated in any serious competition. It is also questionable if H1Z1 and Fortnite are the right preparation for the to date most prestigious PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS tournament.

19) Evil Geniuses

Line-up: Pandaego, Gnomey, GOUL, zWattz
Status: Invited

Evil Geniuses announced their line-up on the same day their IEM Oakland invite got revealed. As a squad, Evil Geniuses do not have any accomplishments to show, but some of the players have been fairly successful grinding the public Duo-Q leaderboards in North America.

18) Miami Flamingos

Line-up: DatKoKo, TonyV, ZeNTTRiiX, 1HunnaRounds
Status: Qualified

Barely anyone had them on the list, but the Miami Flamingos successfully qualified for the IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational 2017. Now the big stage is their chance to show up once again and prove that they are where they belong, among the best teams in the world.

17) Wind and Rain

Line-up: GustavQQ, Tryffeli, Wookiebookie, Stab
Status: Qualified

The squad that qualified under the name “WhiteKids” replaced their former player Caint with Stab. Due to that change and a lack of showings outside of the qualifier, it is fairly difficult to predict the performance of Wind and Rain. Maybe we will see a surprise here.

16) Ronin Esports

Line-up: Duckk, notadeveloper, Kraqen, Minifridgejr
Status: Qualified

Ronin Esports also changed their active roster not too long ago, bringing in notadeveloper but qualified with the same starting roster that they are fielding during the IEM Oakland Invitational. While for most of the team it’s a home game, Kraqen, who calls himself a party breaker, is a German player.

15) Ninjas in Pyjamas

Line-up: Crunch, Sweaterr, Borg, Ekkz
Status: Invited

Since the original Cloud9 line-up split up and a part of it ended up as the foundation of the new Ninjas in Pyjamas PUBG roster, they haven’t been very present in competitions. It is one of those teams that should have gone through the qualifying process instead of receiving a direct invite.

14) Cloud9

Line-up: Forlicer, SOLIDFPS, Chappie, Moody
Status: Invited

In recent history, Cloud9 was unable to deliver the results you would expect from a talented roster like this one. While the reasons for their underperformance are hard to identify, they should have fixed them before the IEM Oakland Invitational kicks-off or they will find themselves in the last quarter of the leaderboards.

13) Noble

Line-up: Boom, Interrogate, TheChosenZygote, Edakulous
Status: Invited

Noble has been performing very inconsistently and even missed a lot of match days in different competitions. As one of the teams that should have gone through the qualifier to prove that they are worthy to participate in the IEM Oakland Invitational, it has to be seen if they have found their consistency once again.

12) Method

Line-up: AndyPyro, Aitzy, EnergeticTurtle, LaytoN
Status: Invited

In order to improve the team chemistry, which the team itself considered as “toxic”, Method replaced the former in-game leader RaptorDaRaptor with LaytoN who is joining the roster from Kinguin. It has to be seen if that change can bring the team closer together in order to achieve more consistent placements.

11) Crimson Esports

Line-up: Jazza, TeaBoneTV, TEXQS, MiracU
Status: Qualified

Crimson Esports originally didn’t manage to qualify for the main event by placing on an unfortunate fifth place in the European IEM Oakland Invitational Qualified. However, since AVANGAR failed to provide travel documentation, Crimson Esports comes in as a replacement. Further, the team will be able to field Jazza, who was unable to participate in the qualifier due to age restrictions.

10) Alliance

Line-up: Ciggzy, Odin, Romz, veazy
Status: Invited

The Alliance line-up is one of the oldest in the scene. Their experience should help them to keep calm in every heated situation. In order to make it count, they need to up their recent performance once again during the tournament to secure themselves a spot among the top ten teams.

9) Corn Shuckers

Line-up: EnV, Zanpah, PaaaRADOX, eLus1ve
Status: Qualified

The Corn Shuckers are the only team going into the tournament without being signed by an organization, planning to take home the $60,000 USD prize money for the 1st place instead of a salary. Unfortunately, the 9th place won’t receive any prize money. Time to step up the game and get the money!

8) Tempo Storm

Line-up: Valliate, YaBoiDre, meluke, Sambty
Status: Invited

Tempo Storm might be dominant on a national level but are still waiting for their breakthrough moment competing against European teams. The IEM Oakland Invitational might be the stage to host that breakthrough.

7) Team Liquid

Line-up: Hayz, Scoom, MOLNMAN, Ollywood
Status: Invited

Team Liquid is one of the most lethal squads out there. As they have been struggling with their placements lately, their huge amount of average kills keeps them in business. However, just kills won’t be enough in a high tier offline competition, where most teams tend to play slow and save.

6) Ghost Gaming

Line-up: MICCOY, Definelegit, Pr0phie, Austin
Status: Qualified

Ghost Gaming is one of the most dominant teams in the North American scene. Their consistency will almost definitely secure them a spot in the top ten with even more potential than a sixth place overall.

5) Digital Chaos

Line-up: Awien, EwanHC, Fausto, jokkizz
Status: Qualified

Digital Chaos managed to qualify for the IEM Oakland as the result of a strong comeback in the last matches of the qualifier. We talked to their team captain Fausto right after the qualification. The kind of mindset the team has shown is the kind of mindset that makes everything possible in a closed tournament environment.

4) PENTA Sports

Line-up: ultra, Frosz, Jeemzz, SIMSY
Status: Invited

The (almost) complete Norwegian line-up is very well prepared for what will be the first ever offline experience for some of its players. PENTA Sports is a very tactical line-up with dedicated player roles that is also quite consistent in tournament formats. If they stick to a conservative playstyle a spot among the top five shouldn’t be an issue.

3) Team SoloMid

Line-up: Viss, BreaK, SmaK, aimPR
Status: Invited

After a weak start, Team SoloMid now acts up to the prestigious name of their organization and performs very well on a regular basis. Due to their experience by playing in big events, the team might have some advantages over newcomers, who have to get used to the competitive offline environment.

2) against All authority

Line-up: shiv, Shadow1K, oraxe, mOnKeY
Status: Qualified

The French line-up is performing better with every week of practice and still has a lot of potential for growth. While often underestimated, the squad should be expected to place within the top three team of the IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational. If the circle luck is with them, they might have a chance at winning the whole thing.

1) FaZe Clan

Line-up: Haxete, mxey, Jembty, fuzzface
Status: Invited

Even though they had slight struggles lately, FaZe Clan is the most consistent PUBG team in the Western world. Due to personal reasons, MeToR can’t travel to Oakland and will be replaced by fuzzface, who joins the squad coming in from Team Kinguin. The success at the IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational will depend on how well the squad is able to cope with that last-second roster change.

What do you expect from the IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational 2017? We’d be happy to discuss with you over on out Discord server!

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