ibiza: “It would have been nice for the players in the Open Qualifiers to get a little bit more exposure.”

Your team mate Mista and you reached some second and third placements during the Open Qualifiers. Unfortunately, only the winning team goes through. How do you feel about your performance?

Our performance, in general, was alright since we are not that experienced as a duo. Of course, if one of my team mates from Kinguin could have made it, it might have turned out better. Not because Mista underperformed or something but because we have synchronized much better. I’m still quite happy with the way we played. We had a couple of top ten placements. Even 2nd and 3rd places. So that is pretty good in general but unfortunately only the winning team makes it through.

How concerned are you about the potential risk of the community splitting up into FPP and TPP camps? What game mode do you personally prefer?

I am not too concerned about a split. I mean, the split will come and it’s never fun but I have the feeling like it’s happening right now and it’s going pretty well. Major parts of the audience will always prefer first-person because all the influencers are heavily promoting it whenever they can. My personal preference will always stay third-person. It feels like I have more control over the area. It is much more about positioning and about how to approach a building since it’s much harder. I like fights in urban areas and especially inside housed but it feels like those fights aren’t happening that much in first-person and the actions shifts more towards rural areas.

How did you and Mista find together as a duo? Have you known each other before or did you just partner up for the gamescom Invitational?

I have always known he was another streamer from the Netherlands and when PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS went Early Access I watched his stream a bit and he also came into my chat and that way we kind of got into contact. A week before the Invitational he approached me and asked if I planned to go to gamescom. Back then I had no plans to go so I said no. But eventually, we decided to go together and signed-up for the Open Qualifiers.

Mista and you had to book your travel and accommodation in advance without any security that you would even get accepted to play in the Open Qualifiers. Has it been worth all the effort after all?

Yes, for sure! I mean, it would have been sad if we would not have gotten in but I wanted to go anyway just for the experience. It was definitely worth.

How frustrated have you and your team mates at Team Kinguin been that you guys did not receive an invite to the main event?

We were pretty disappointed. In my opinion, we performed really well in all the online formats like Auzom and PUBGOnline. We grinded the leader boards for hundreds of hours and we really tried to get our name out there. Basically, we did everything we could. When we noticed that all this effort didn’t get rewarded we were of course disappointed.

None of the Open Qualifier matches has been broadcasted online and the results of the qualifiers have not even been published officially. Would you have wished for a little bit more exposure for players like you who made their way to gamescom all on their own?

Yeah! I would have loved to see them streaming the Open Qualifiers but then again, I understand that they didn’t. It’s been about four hours of Open Qualifiers followed by three hours of Invitational matches. That’s quite a lot of hours that would have been streamed. Nevertheless, it would have been nice for the players in order to get a little bit of exposure instead of played behind closed doors.

Your streams viewership is growing rapidly at the moment. Will you stick to your original plans and start to study or are you taking the bet on PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS and start to stream the game full-time?

I’m going to study and then I need to find a way to balance both things. Yet I have no clue how much I will have to do for the university. We will see what happens. I will just start to study and see how my stream is developing in the meantime.

Any words you would like to address towards your fans or the fans of Team Kinguin?

Lately, I have noticed a lot of fans on Discord and in stream chats. It is really nice to see that people start to care about us top-ranked players and come into our Twitch.tv chats or give feedback on Twitter. I am really happy with how this is developing.

Thank you really much for your time!

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