Huni: “I’ve returned to NA as NA was the only region where I didn’t manage to win a Championship yet. I want to fix this.”

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When SKT T1 announced in 2017 that Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon will be become a free agent, many Western fans’ heads turned towards Korea.

Korean players are coveted by teams around the world as they are considered to be mechanically talented. The term “Korean Overlords” is often coined around Twitter and Reddit, referring to how Korean players dominate the LoL scene.

The biggest hurdle in Korean players landing a spot in a Western team, however, is the language barrier. In a game like League of Legends, where 5 players are constantly communicating to play together as a team, a player’s communication and English skills and become as important as his in-game skills.

So when Huni became a free agent late in the season, fans hopefully expected Huni to return to the Western scene. As Huni is fluent in English and has a track record of adjusting well in both EU and NA teams, he would surely be being approached by top-tier Western teams.

Some EU fans would have dreamed for Huni to return to EU in 2018, maybe for the Fnatic reunion with his old teammates. In the end however, it was Echo Fox of NA that Huni chose to join.

When asked on his choice to return to NA LCS over EU, Huni attributed many different factors, but most of all, his personal goal to add NA LCS cup to his bag of international trophies. “I’ve returned to NA as NA was the only region where I didn’t manage to win a Championship yet. I want to fix this.” Huni told in the interview. He also added that the Korean community of Los Angeles was another reason for him wanting to move to NA over EU. “In LA, Korean food is much more accessible, and it’s much easier for my family to move to LA.” Huni said, stressing that factors such as food and family are just as weighty factors when a player decides on a region or a team.

IMT Huni Reignover

Meanwhile, on his choice to sign up with Echo Fox, Huni recounted his late entry to the free agency. “I was looking for a team, but not many choices were left as the transfer market had already progressed somewhat. I chose Echo Fox among the teams left, because the managing staff were very vibrant. In that way, we aligned.” Huni said, also mentioning that he kept in touch with Echo Fox’s Adrian during the process.

Huni also had a comment about his formal teammate, Reignover, who he will be facing as an enemy in NA. Reignover and Huni were an iconic duo that played together both for Fnatic in 2015 and Immortals in 2016. The two will reunite again at NA in 2018, when Reignover will play for NA LCS’s Counter Logic Gaming. “Reignover and I actually tried to join the same team this year, which did not work out. It will be fun to play with him again, as a teammate or as an opponent. We keep in touch, he has such a good personality. I’d love to beat him.

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