HeaQ: “It kinda sucks to see players with legendary status; Faker, Bang, Uzi, Rekkles, playing champions with no ability to show their skill.”

After a loss against G2’s Heimerdinger on Friday and a win against H2k, Darius sat down with Roccat Botlaner HeaQ to discuss the current Botlane meta and his personal journey as a player. Enjoy!

Hey HeaQ, congrats on smashing H2k, especially given that you guys got smashed yesterday against G2!

Yeah, I think smashing will be the norm for this meta. You gain huge advantages from the draft – if you win it, you basically win the game. I think we’re going to see a lot of games where one team just snowballs out of control for the other teams.

On a scale of 1 to Cody Sun flashing back into the enemies and giving his team the L, how badly did it feel to lose to Heimerdinger Botlane against G2?

It’s probably on the Cody Sun-level. I didn’t even think that it’d be a possible pick. Obviously Hjarnan is known for his Heimerdinger, but I was really surprised when they locked it in. When we were playing, I felt like we had no chance in the Botlane to win. But after reviewing the game, I realized that there were a lot of things we could’ve done better. It just felt very boring to play against. But we have to learn from these experiences.

Roccat just got to play the very first EU LCS game with Pyke – what do you think of the pick and why did you guys go for it?

I think Pyke is really good into squishy ranged champions, and Norskeren agrees: Champions like Fiddlesticks are very easy to poke and you can set up for ganks. Initially, he thought that Pyke was really weak, but we realized that it’s just a champion you don’t blind pick but rather use as a counter-pick. Overall he’s pretty strong and fun I’d say.

Do we live in the darkest League timeline, given that Faker is put on Taric, Rekkles plays Janna, and Broxah has to play Taric as well?

I think it is the darkest timeline. Especially watching Korea, I don’t feel like they don’t have a good grasp on the meta. In the first LCK game, we saw Nunu-Kathus being drafted into Taric-Yi – they just instantly lost that game from the draft!

It kinda sucks to see players with legendary status, Faker, Bang, Uzi, Rekkles, playing champions with no ability to show their skill. What is Janna going to do, Flash + W + Q? I think the meta is fun in general, but it sucks for marksmen that want to shine. And that’s why I chose this role as well you know? But as a professional, you have to adapt.

Wanting to stand in the spotlight, a very typical trait of marksmen indeed! I learned that a lot of Botlaners also play striker when they play football, is that the same for you?

No haha. I actually played football for nine years, but I always played in the centre Midfield, trying to deliver good passes to my teammates. At the start of the Split though, I felt like I had finally overcome a lot of mental blockades. I was doing really well in scrims while we still had the Marksmen meta, and thought this would be my year – the Two-Time strikes back! But then the 8.11 Patch hit and everyone was very confused. And I felt like I had to start from zero.

The year of the HeaQ – the new year of the Nukeduck?

Yeah…  I don’t think we’re going to see a year of the Nukeduck anymore. No flame of course.

(laughs) Alright! You said that you don’t think the LCK players have the correct grasp of the meta right now – if it’s not Koreans, who does have the correct grasp then?

Just based off the games we’ve seen so far, I’d say Vitality and G2. I don’t think the meta is “These champions are strong” but more like “You can play anything and you need to be able to counter anything”. I expect there to be a lot of First-Time champions.

Anything you’d like to say to the Roccat fans?

We started the first Week a bit shaky. But stay strong and we’ll be able to show you results. Thank you for supporting us!

Thank you for your time!

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