Hans Sama is currently topping the EU LCS Botlane charts in KDA, Gold Difference @ 15, and CS Difference @ 15

It’s been nothing short of a fantastic split for Misfits thus far: Topping the table with an eight-game winning streak, the team has their eyes set on making Playoffs.

While Alphari and Maxlore have found their former strengths, and Sencux is having the Split of his career, many eyes are set on their Botlaner Hans Sama. The Frenchman is one of the last AD Carries standing, as he’s only been playing Marksmen despite the 8.11-Nerf.

This didn’t have a toll on his performance thus far, as he’s topping the EU LCS Botlane statistics when it comes to KDA, FWD%, CS Difference @ 15, and Gold Difference @ 15.

Photograph courtesy of: Riot Games

In this weeks’ EU LCS Match of the Week, Misfits will go up against Fnatic to prove which Botlane-method is the superior one: Playing Bwipo instead of Rekkles in order to play AP Carries Bot, or going Marksmen after all? Thus far, Misfits’ winning spree seems evidence enough that Marksmen can be played after all.

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