Hakuho: “If you’re not going Ignite on Thresh, then you’re just going to farm, which is not what the champion is designed to do.”

After what seemed to be a game where Clutch Gaming were playing with their food, they took down Golden Guardians on Saturday and have consistently had their eyes on playoffs. The team has looked a bit more shaky coming out of Week 9, but it’s not like they aren’t used to a bit of community doubt.

Hakuho sat down with Izento to discuss their game against Golden Guardians, the intricacies of Thresh’s build and summoners, and his opinion on Tracker’s Knife affecting the gamestate.

It looked like you guys were having a lot of fun in your game against Golden Guardians. Did it feel better or different playing this game since there wasn’t as much pressure to get into playoffs?

There was still pressure since there’s a chance we can get into top 2. There’s less pressure but we still want to win.  We certainly don’t want to lose to teams that are lower ranked like Golden Guardians as it would feel a lot worse. We just want to show that we can stay as a top team and we should never lose to a team that’s lower ranked than us. The game was less stressful but we knew it would feel bad if we lost.

You picked Thresh and went Ignite. I’ve noticed a lot more supports are now going Ignite, even without Unsealed Spellbook. Can you elaborate the situations in which you would choose ignite instead of maybe exhaust?

You run Ignite because you want to kill the enemy bot lane, whereas if you go Exhaust, you’re pretty much telling the enemy that you’re going to play safe. If you’re not going Ignite on Thresh, then you’re just going to farm, which is not what the champion is designed to do. You have to make pressure for your team and help out other lanes too. Without Ignite, it’s hard for you to pressure and most Thresh’s go Ignite no matter what. Unsealed Spellbook is only worth it if you need to switch to Cleanse. That’s a niche situation though.

You went for an early Mobility Boots instead of upgrading your coin. Can you talk about that and what your reasoning is between deciding about the two?

If you can afford mobis, you should always buy it as Thresh. We recalled kind of late, so I had enough gold to get them. Now, if you base earlier, then you can just upgrade the item, but if you have enough gold for mobis, you just get it because your champion has to roam or else you don’t really do much. You should make a roam mid or call your jungler down and flash on them in the bot lane.

How do you feel about not having a week break before playoffs? In past splits you had a break before playoffs due to relegations.

I think teams are going to be less prepared for Bo5 because you can’t prep for it as much, whereas before you had 2 weeks to do Bo5 practice. There might be some upsets.

How do you think Solo is prepared for Bo5? He’s kind of the new guy and it may pinch his champion pool.

I think Solo has a good champion pool and as a player, he’s confident in himself. He played in the Promotional Tournament, which is much higher pressure than playoffs. He was playing for his spot in LCS, whereas now you’re “just” playing for playoffs and going to Miami.

Do you think the removal of Tracker’s Knife helped your team? What way do you think it affected your team overall?

The jungler currently has a more difficult time getting vision, so you don’t have any early game vision since the supports don’t get Sightstone until 10 minutes. The early game is a lot different because before, teams would utilize early vision to get early leads, but now you have to be aware of where the enemy jungler is and the jungler has to invade more to find the opposing enemy jungler. I think the removal of Tracker’s Knife allows for more early skirmishes and it’s more volatile. If you don’t know where the jungler is, you can get into some scrappy situations, so I just think it made the game increase to a faster pace.

What’s your general thoughts going into playoffs? No need to reveal secret plans.

We just want to show that we’re a top team and we haven’t had the greatest results against other top teams. I think the Bo5 situations will show if we can content for winning the split. I know all of us want to go to Worlds. I know everyone says that but, we as players, especially LirA, he’s been playing for so long that he shouldn’t have to struggle in NA. I want to go to Worlds for LirA.

Thank you for your time!

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