Gwent Thronebreaker will cost real money and will feature 20 cards for Multiplayer

Lots of changes are coming to the world of Gwent, such as new cards and card changes which have been leaked at the Gwent Gamescom booth. One of them is the upcoming Singleplayer. Some of the CD Projekt Red developers gave a 40-minute-presentation to showcase the Singleplayer to the press, this is the tl;dr

The Singleplayer campaign will be based around the character of Meve, a Northern Realms Queen instead of Geralt. The story is set before the events of The Witcher 3.

The campaign will be roughly 10 hours long, this might vary however depending on how much you want to explore the world – hidden loot, sidequests and treasure lies behind every corner!

You will have to buy the campaign with real money, there will be no way to buy it with in-game currency. It hasn’t been disclosed how expensive the first campaign will be.

Buying the Thronebreaker campaign will add 20 new cards to your collection that you’ll be able to use in Multiplayer. There also will be tons of cards that will be for the Singleplayer only.

Once you buy the campaign, these 20 cards will be added to your collection immediately, meaning that people who don’t want to play through the campaign won’t have to.

The campaign will be released later this year. If it turns out to be a success, CD Projekt Red intends to release more campaigns in the future. 

In general, the Singleplayer campaign seemingly plays a lot like many other Singleplayer card games, such as the Yugioh World Championship games for example. Your view is angled from a top-down perspective and if you enter a dialogue, it changes to a 2D perspective instead.

Dialogue will be a key feature of the game. Similar to the Witcher games, you’ll have different dialogue options to chose from which will impact the story and characters you’ll face. The developers have also hinted at multiple endings, but this hasn’t been 100% confirmed.

You will travel through five different main areas, each with different environments and treasure to find. If you look out for hidden chests you can not only get resources and cards for your Singleplayer experience, but also get Premium cards for Multiplayer. A total of 20 Premium cards are hidden within the game; re-playing the campaign is key to find them all! Access might be denied to some of them depending on the choices you make.

Interestingly enough, some cards will have fun interactions that wouldn’t be possible in Multiplayer. For example, the first boss fight you encounter uses fire to damage your units, but using Torrential Rain will extinguish the fire and save your men.

The CD Projekt Red developers added that some games will not follow the standard routine of having two or three rounds. You might need to save a certain unit from dying in order to succeed for example, rather than overpowering your opponent.

From a game’s journalist perspective, Thronebreaker looks mesmerizing in motion. The dialogues are cleverly written and the voice actors did a fantastic job so far. The Cel-Shading look is perfect for this kind of experience and I’d be willing to pay 20, even 30 Euros for a campaign of such quality. Everything that CDPR were willing to show to us looked brilliant and I’m sure that they’ll do a great job at making this a fantastic storyline – after all, the writers behind The Witcher 3 are behind this one as well!

Last, but certainly not least: There’s a Shibe. And it’s really cute.


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