Gen.G Gold – PGI 2018 TPP 1st Place Press Conference

First off, congratulations on the win! In that final game when you were behind Team Liquid and you all decided to drive out of the zone to get all around to the other side. What was going through your head when you decided to make that play?

EscA: We took two members of Team Liquid out first. Then we checked their position once again with a good scope and afterward, we thought that play would be our way to victory.

What do you guys think about the level of the other team?

EscA: All players were on a higher level than we expected. Their aim was more precise than we previously thought. We were surprised by the skill level of especially the European and the Chinese teams’ skill level.

After winning the TPP competition, what are your expectations for the FPP competition?

EscA: Previously we only played TPP but recently there have been several FPP competitions. Playing in those we got more comfortable with the FPP mode. We are not satisfied with winning the TPP competition and we will give everything to also take home the victory in the FPP competition.

*Saying that recently there have been more FPP competitions in Korea – could you imagine only playing FPP competitions in the future to have a globally standardized game mode for competitions?

EscA: The FPP mode is more skill-based and there is more variety, so I think it will lead the tournaments.

I’m wondering how it feels for each of you to be the best in the world?

Loki: I’m the youngest player and debuted later than all my teammates. I still cannot believe what we have accomplished here.

EscA: I’m a professional player for eight years now and I’ve been to many high-profile tournaments. I took home a lot of titles as well but today is the most meaningful day which makes me very happy.

SimSn: We have been participating in many PUBG tournaments but this one has the most meaning for us.

Chelator: Similar to Loki I’m quite new to competitions like this. For me it’s the first tournament on a global stage. I’m very happy to come out on top and am proud to be able to show that Korea is one of the best regions in Battle Royale games.

EscA and SimSn, both of you have won many titles in other FPS titles such as Overwatch. What does today’s victory mean to you?

SimSn: Previously I’ve played five FPS games and won many titles but I think the victory at PGI is the height of my career.

EscA: Korea wasn’t known for being one of the best regions in the FPS genre but I’m very motivated to show the world that we are really one of the strong regions in FPS games.

After your transition from Overwatch to PUBG, you still have all the fans and supporters, any special words for them?

EscA: I told my supporters that I will be the best at anything before my transition to PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS. Now I’m happy to be able to fulfill that promise.

Did you know about the standings before the final game? If yes, why didn’t you play more cautious knowing you have such a big lead?

EscA: When we are competing in Korea and everyone knows we are first, every team is chasing us and puts a lot of pressure on us. This time we wanted to just focus on what we wanted to achieve, let no one pressure us and just play our game.

Do you think that Sanhok could be a competitive map?

SimSn: No. The map is too small and the number of the players is too small. Also, you are pretty much unable to use vehicles effectively which makes Sanhok a bad map for competitive play.

Apart from that, is there anything you would like to see from the upcoming winter map that would work pretty well for competitive play?

Most of the players didn’t even know about the upcoming winter map so they had no thoughts on that.

If you could compare your gameplay style to an animal, what animal would you be?

Loki: A young lion. The others are the family members. Father lion, mother lion, and so on. So we are a pack of lions. 

EscA: Tiger.

SimSn: Like Loki mentioned, I’m the mother lion of the team.

Chelator: A hyena since we take out weak opponents first and we are sneaky and tricky as well.

Do you have a message to the haters tonight?

EscA: Throughout my whole career I had the most haters at the point when I was playing Overwatch. However, the best way to silence haters is success and with our victory in the PUBG Global Invitational TPP competition tonight, we’ve achieved that.

SimSn: For the IEM Oakland tournament I’ve been joining another team as a stand-in but our performance wasn’t satisfying. We all received a lot of flame. With this tournament, I’m happy to show off that all the hate was unjustified.

Chelator and Loki do not have any haters.

You lately placed second three times in a row. Now you won a competition with always dropping in Novorepnoye. What was different?

EscA: We got targeted a lot in the Korean tournaments. Now, no one was specifically hunting us and disturbing our game. Through all the practice we were perfectly prepared for all kinds of situations in Novorepnoye. That’s why we bravely dived into Novorepnoye all the time.

There are many high-profile competitions coming up soon. How do you prepare and how do you want to improve?

Loki: For competitions like this we could be provided with better headsets. There was no noise canceling and outside noises disturbed us a little bit. Also, there are still several bugs in the game. Once during this tournament, SimSn’s bike got stuck in a rock. Getting those issues fixed as soon as possible would help us improve.

Now that you took home the victory here at the PGI you will be the role models for many young players. Any advice towards them?

Loki: As a player who just recently made it from an amateur to a professional player I would like to see more grassroot competitions to find the hidden gems within the player base.

When you play this game you are confident and brave. Do you also have those qualities in real life when you are not playing the game?

SimSn: We are like wolfs and sheep at the same time. When we are ingame we are wolves but outside of the game, we are sheep. We are happy with each other and don’t fight.

If you would be dropped out of a plane and would have to fight Battle Royale in real life, how would you do?

SimSn: When we would drop out of a plane in real life, we would all gather and survive as a team. We definitely would avoid fighting.

Chelator: I would hide under a rock and try to survive without the team. (laughs)

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