Sources: GBM to transfer to Turkish team SuperMassive eSports

The Turkish esports website has reported that former NRG Midlaner GBM will sign with the Turkish team BAUSuperMassive eSports.

According to the report, the team plans to continue to work with the three Turkish players FabFabulous, Stomaged and Zeitnot, in the Toplane, Jungle and AD Carry position but plans to fill the remaining spots with Koreans – including the role of the coach.

GBM brings a lot of experience, since he started his professional career back in June 2013 at CJ Entus. The Korean also has notable English speaking skills due to playing in North America and Europe in the past two years, playing for teams such as NRG, Vitality and EUnited. The latter was a NA Challenger team, but failed to qualify and apply for the new NA LCS franchising.

BAUSuperMassive is considered to be one of the best teams in the Turkish League of Legends scene, but has recently struggled with getting in results. In the Turkish League Playoffs, they ended up placing second to 1907 Fenerbahce, thus resulting in the team being unable to qualify for the Worlds play-in stage.

GBM is also known for being a massive fan of Dr. Who and bowties. During his time in NA, Riot dedicated a Drive episode towards his story. We highly recommend watching it.


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Darius Matuschak

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