G2’s Academy team will participate in the Spanish National League, whereas Origen will participate in the Scandinavian one

With the ten LEC teams being officially confirmed, one area that seemingly isn’t decided as of today is where the respective Academy teams will play. It’s been confirmed that every LEC team will need an Academy team with which the organisation will participate in one of Europe’s national league.

In a Spanish interview with Movistar, G2 CEO Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez confirmed that G2’s Academy team will participate in the Spanish National League:

“G2 applied to the Spanish league . The company itself has been created in Germany, the offices are here and therefore we are a German company. That does not mean we don’t have a giant fan base in Spain and that we dont want to be in the Spanish league. That was the idea from the beginning and I already made a couple of winks to the Spaniards when we left the Professional Videogames League (LVP). Next year we will be in the SLO .”

Additionally, the CEO of RFRSH, the mother company of Astralis and Origen, has confirmed in a French interview with L’Equipe that the Academy team will participate in the Scandinavian league:

“Yes, we want to use the infrastructure and the staff we have in Copenhagen for this training. But that’s not all: at least in the beginning, our LEC team will reside here too. They will make the trip to Berlin every weekend. ”

Based on the country of origin of these respective teams, it’s to be expected that the following LEC teams will participate in the listed national leagues. However, this is purely speculation and hasn’t been officially confirmed by the teams in question!

  • Fnatic – UK League
  • exceL – UK League
  • Misfits – UK League
  • Team Vitality – French League
  • Schalke 04 Esports – German League
  • SK Gaming – German League

Rogue and Splyce are question marks in this list, as both teams are owned by American investors and, unlike Misfits, don’t have a tie to a specific national league from beforehand.

Per sources, Rogue is expected to join the Polish National League. It remains to be seen whether this will be the case however.

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