Zven: “We play the meta until it’s in our comfort zone. We don’t want to have a deficit in the draft like the Unicorns had against Misfits.”

After a very one-sided semifinal against H2k, we talked to G2’s ADC Zven about the series, whether having an ADC as a substitute makes sense and how G2 prepares for Worlds in comparison to other teams. Enjoy!

Congratulations on the 3-0! That was really fast and really decisive. No real chance for H2k. Did everything go as planned?

I think we were a little bit shaky in the first game and a bit unlucky with the draft. They had two mountain drakes that game with Nunu and Cassiopeia so that they could basically one-shot Baron. We were not prepared for that situation. Then again, we got a shaky early game against them. They pressured bot lane and it wasn’t going too well for us but once we found the mid-game team fights our team composition was much better. Besides that early game of the first match, everything was going as planned.

Your team G2 qualified for a regional final for the fourth time in a row now. Do you think you can pick up the EU LCS champion title the fourth time in a row? That’s something no team from any region managed yet and would you be proud of that achievement?

Of course, I would be happy if my team G2 could manage to do that but I do not care much about these kinds of things. I just want to win every game, no matter if it’s the first or the fourth time in a row. LCS titles are nice and everything but what matters the most is Worlds.

Going to Worlds as a first seed makes it much more likely to face SKT in the group stage. Some players have already considered that it might be better to go in as a second seed?

Whether you draw Longzhu or SKT doesn’t really matter. As a first seed team, you have a good chance of not getting another first seed team in your group so that should be better for you. Also last year we had a second seed and Flash Wolves had the first seed but they had a harder group than us. That shows that sometimes it doesn’t matter what seed you have but first seeds are generally better than second seeds.

We saw in most of the games that the foremost important ADCs were banned at some point so you had to pick Varus which seemed a bit surprising despite the bans. Definitely not a pick we have seen too frequently in recent times. Is that a champion you practiced a lot or was that just your fall-back pick?

I always preferred Varus over Ashe. Everyone always says that Ashe is better than Varus in various situations but I think that the Varus ultimate is much stronger in team fights. The two seconds snare on everyone is very good. You have so many tanks nowadays so your mid-game team fights before you have five or six items are much better than everything else. You also have maximum HP magic damage on your W.

Also, your early game is much stronger after you’ve based two or three times. You deal much more damage than Ashe and your laning phase is much stronger after that point. So, once we got Blade in the games we have played they could not lane anymore. In the second game, they were doing fine in the laning phase until we build Blade and then it was just over for them. They couldn’t win anymore. That’s it for the laning phase. In mid-game team fights, he is much stronger. Then again in the late game, Ashe is stronger because of more range and higher DPS due to her Q. Her E is really useful too if you know how to play it correctly. All of that makes Varus one of my fall-back champions. The ADC pools were really pinched in those games. There have been Kalista and Tristana bans and since they banned Rakan, Xayah was basically banned as well since their duo is just so important.

The EU LCS got a little bit more interesting for Germans right now because PowerOfEvil qualified for Worlds and we have a new ADC in the LCS: Upset, who has been a substitute for G2. Can you tell us a little bit about how you felt about playing and scrimming with him?

I think he is a good ADC and got a lot of talent. Also, Schalke is a good organization. They have shown that they want to be an LCS team again and didn’t just quit after one split of Challenger Series. They are also an influential organization that is good to have in the EU LCS. Upset is a good player without a doubt. He can be very successful with the right teammates around him which I think he doesn’t have right now.

We now know that Team SoloMid also has a substitute ADC with MrRallez. How do you think substitute ADCs will be put into use?

We have seen a lot of top-laners and junglers being swapped in and out but I think ADC is the worst role to substitute. You play a duo lane so you always have to synergize with your support. Also, the ADC position doesn’t really have different play styles unless the ADC is bad there would be no reason to substitute. So, unless a player has health issues or doesn’t perform I don’t see a reason to have a substitute for that position. It’s a little bit different with supports where you have mage supports and utility supports but you also shouldn’t swap those. For mid-lane, jungle and top-lane it makes sense to have substitutes but I would not want substitutes for the bot-lane.

It has been quite surprising how well Misfits performed recently, stomping Fnatic and Unicorns of Love. What do you think about the results?

We haven’t scrimmed Unicorns in two or three weeks now but I did not expect the Unicorns to lose that hard to Misfits. I think Exileh is holding back Unicorns really hard. He picks Kassadin into Lucian and gets dived. There are just too many “WTF moments”. In my opinion, the Unicorns’ playstyle just doesn’t work out in the current meta. They have their comfort in that style but sometimes comfort just isn’t good enough.

At some point, you also learned that comfort just isn’t good enough, right?

We play the meta until it’s comfortable for us. Of course, if you don’t have any success you might want to go back to something you feel really comfortable with. We play the meta until it’s in our comfort zone because we don’t want to have a deficit in the draft like the Unicorns had. They can’t play Syndra, they can’t play Orianna, they can’t play Cassiopeia so they pick Kassadin or LeBlanc which are hard countered by the current meta. We don’t want to have a handicap in drafts so we make meta comfort.

Besides Unicorns, Misfits also stomped Fnatic in a relatively decisive fashion. Has that also been surprising to you?

Yes. Fnatic hasn’t been proactive. They often looked like they don’t really know what to do. I also think Fnatic didn’t have the best drafts in that series. They often picked champs that were questionable. Syndra into Galio, Jhin into three tanks in the enemy team. Also, Jesiz’s Alistar isn’t actually good, we all know that. They also went for comfort over meta and it didn’t work out for them. Maybe just a bad day but they underperformed.

Is there anything you would like to address towards your fans or the fans of G2?

We are happy that there are still people out there who cheer for us. We are happy about all the fans who were cheering for us during bad times when we lost a couple of games and we are also happy for all the new fans who cheer for us now. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to play the finals again and go to Worlds for the third time now. The fans that cheer for us wherever we make all this worth it. It will be hard to top last year’s performance and make it past semi-finals at Worlds but at the same time, it’s doable. I will just go to Worlds doing the best I can!
Thank you very much!

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