Despite not making it to Madrid, G2 have sold almost 10k Spain jerseys

Even though G2 esports hasn’t had the best Playoffs run, getting 3-0ed by Misfits in Quarterfinals, they still sold a staggering amount of Spanish jerseys: Almost all of the 10k that were available have been sold already.

G2 Spain jersey
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The only jerseys still available at the online shop come in S-size. The only other way to buy a G2 Spain jersey at this point is by buying one of the few hundreds at the EU LCS Finals venue in Madrid.

In an upcoming interview with The Shotcaller, G2 esports founder and CEO Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez hinted that the team might wear this jersey during the gauntlet run, not believing in any curse:

“I refuse to believe in black magic fuckery!”

G2 esports infamously lost two games in a row after The Shotcaller asked Hjarnan & Wadid for an interview with their “Best Botlane in the West”-belts. Said belts have now been locked away by the team’s manager to not bring any misfortune upon the team.

Special edition jerseys are getting more and more common in esports, with teams regularly releasing kits for international events like Rift Rivals.

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