Froggen “plans to be back on a team” by the start of the 2019 Season

Danish Midlane legend and Anivia master Henrik “Froggen” Hansen has stated in a twitter post that he “plans to be back on a team by the start of the season”.

He also added that the offers themselves would decide whether he’d join a team in NA or EU.

Froggen is widely regarded as one of the best European Midlaners of all time, playing on the dominant CLG.EU roster and winning the 2014 EU LCS Summer Split with Alliance, only to have a tragic Group Stage exit at the hands of Ka-Bum!

He then went on to join alleged superstar roster Elements in Spring 2015. In Spring 2016, Froggen joined the NA LCS team Echo Fox, an organisation he’d play for for two years. Froggen hasn’t participated in a LCS competition since.

Taking a break in 2018, Froggen only played in the Spring iteration of the EU Masters tournament, winning the competition with Origen. The Shotcaller spoke with Froggen at the time about his potential future and playing alongside AD Carry legend FORG1VEN:

According to a report by ESPN’s Jacob Wolf, five new organisations will join the EU LCS in 2019 – one of which being the Danish owned and operated team Astralis. A potential fit for Froggen? Only the future can tell.

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Darius Matuschak

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