Forg1ven and Froggen: Minimum Requirement is Excellence

Origen could be considered the armageddon of EU Masters, but that is only one depiction of this team. The allure of this squad was centered around two individuals, the masterclass of their respective roles and a status they have worked endlessly to achieve. Forg1ven and Froggen, once considered intense characters and resource-heavy individuals that required the team to mold around themselves, and with only room for one to be the superstar. Let’s take a look at both Froggen and Forg1ven and their commonly perceived problems as players.

I think it’s fair to say that Forg1ven is a polarizing figure. Outspoken on social media, trash-talking other players and criticizing the state of the game, this individual is tuned for a particular fan’s taste. Add in a dash of pretentiousness and you have created the recipe for Godg1ven himself.

Forg1ven is one of those misunderstood individuals, constantly seeking the pinnacle of excellence and in that pursuit, using the quickest route he believes possible, through curt opinions and hard work. He could also be viewed as a difficult teammate to have, constantly having others strive to meet his standards and with pressure to perform at levels he deems acceptable.

Froggen is of a similar sort, last seen on the Echo Fox roster, filled with rookies and lacking superstars or leaders. With many expecting him to continue on with Echo Fox, or even move to a different team, Froggen had decided to take some time off. After playing for so long, you begin to wonder how long someone can sustain the grind without being worn down to the nub by a lackluster lineup. This seems like a fitting time to bring up the point of how important leadership is to a team, because I know it’s in the back of many skeptics minds that the team fell apart because of weak leadership from Froggen.

Not every veteran is fit to be an absolute leader, especially leading a team full of rookies, lower tier talent, and although Echo Fox had Looper as their veteran top laner, it’s a difficult ask to have him help Froggen lead the team with communications, given his primary language is Korean.

It’s not outlandish to say that just because someone has a vast knowledge of a skill such as programming for instance, doesn’t mean they are fit to teach that field. There are other skills than just knowledge which are required of a teacher or leader. It’s common to hear many people find it uncouth that the most skilled person within a certain sector of a company isn’t the leader, but that misses the key point that a leader is made up of more than just knowledge of the field they work in, but an encompassing gravity to expel knowledge and have someone retain that wisdom.

A lack of leadership wasn’t the major criticism of Froggen; he was always viewed as a player that demanded an abundance of resources from his teammates. Forg1ven was also criticized of the same thing.

Looking at Forg1ven’s past roster of H2k, it’s evident that their playstyle was centered around a star ADC to keep them relevant throughout the game and Froggen’s situation was all too similar, as he would likewise be relied upon within Echo Fox for the team’s success. The bold move of Origen to have supposed resource hogs was what many would think to be Origen’s undoing. They couldn’t be more wrong.

The reason why Origen worked so well was because of the two superstar players relying on each other. If either Forg1ven or Froggen gained momentum through kills or cs, the other player would take a backseat and allow the other to carry. It’s this willingness to be dynamic and adaptable which is the true strength that was witnessed through Origen’s playstyle. Along with this, they had a selfless support staff to help facilitate their strong points.

Expect, towards the latter parts of his career, was willing to play tanks to round-out his team’s composition, and within Origen, this was his primary function (with meta enabling that as well). Insec toned down his aggressiveness, using his mid laner’s strength to pressure advantages around the map instead of trying to solo carry the game. Jesiz, once the capable duo of Rekkles, thought to be the complete opposite playstyle of Forg1ven, yet adapted perfectly to Forg1ven’s playstyle of early lane phase aggression.

Before, this superteam (in the context of EU Masters) just seemed like a mix of too many cooks in the kitchen to work effectively, because we’ve been burned in the past with other superteams.

I’ve often been convinced that superteams cannot function properly until multiple people sacrifice their own play for the greater team goal. To give up stardom and nuanced playstyle in order for the team to succeed. KT Rolster is the most recent example of a team that seemingly can’t function properly and their individual names are certainly not bereft of talent.

Long ago, Froggen was on the superteam Alliance. He performed to a very high degree and looked to be one of the best mid laners in the world, with his team carrying their own weight as well, until of course, the famous Kabum incident. A team that included strong voices like Wickd and Shook, I think the evidence is clear that Froggen wasn’t the only leader on the team to bounce ideas off of.

So maybe it’s not that Froggen is a bad player, like many believed after his years at Echo Fox, or that Forg1ven is dependent upon an insatiable amount of resources. That both of these players can’t win through players that aren’t named Froggen or Forg1ven respectively. Maybe they both need a strong cast of co-stars, just as Forg1ven has said in an interview with Thorin that he refuses to settle for a team unless they have a good lineup that can shoot for the championship.

Forg1ven and Froggen require excellence and dedication from their fellow teammates. Then, and only then, will they reciprocate to the world just how much they have transcended the average pro player.


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