For the first time in history, TSM does not make the NA LCS Finals

Team SoloMid were able to make it to the finals of the NA LCS ten splits in a row. But this legendary streak has come to an end, as Clutch Gaming were able to dismantle the team in a convincing 3-1 fashion.

While Febiven and Apollo were able to manifest their stands within the NA LCS, it was Hakuho who surprised everyone with amazing Thresh plays left right and centre.

Team SoloMid were the only team to hold this record in both the NA and EU LCS.

This also ends Zven & Mithy’s chance of becoming the first players to win a title in both EU and NA LCS. Febiven still has the chance to obtain this title however.

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Darius Matuschak

Darius is an esports journalist trying to nurture esports culture whenever possible. He got into esports while finishing his Bachelor in Journalism, and has been a regular EU LCS attendee since January 2017.

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