Broxah on going from SoloQ to Worlds within less than a year: “If you have a bit of luck and you’re dedicated enough, passionate enough, you can improve a lot in a really short time.”

Congratulations on that clean 3-0 sweep and your qualification for Worlds 2017! How happy are you right now?

I am really happy! We are going to Worlds! That is what we have been playing for the whole split. Actually, we are not even at Worlds yet but we are going to China and we will participate in the play-in stage. Hopefully, we will proceed to the actual Worlds tournament.

Just one week ago in Paris, the same match-up between H2k and Fnatic ended in a close 3-2 series in your favor. What has changed since then?

I don’t know what changed. I also think today’s series wasn’t as one sided as the result might look. They could easily have won Game 2 in particular, so the chance of this series being close was there but they just messed up at Baron in the second game. Then we gained momentum and we won. It is also different because the match in Paris didn’t really mean anything in theory whilst this is really important to us. It has been important to get a good start and we got that and that made out lives a lot easier.

This will be your first time at Worlds. How excited are you and what are your personal expectations?

I don’t know what my personal expectations are, to be honest. I think it is really hard to tell. Right now, I just want to go there, scrim against some teams and know where we stand. Realistically speaking it is impossible to tell how the play-in stage is going to go and then if we make it to Worlds whether we can make it out of groups or not. I will just see how it goes and hope for the best.

Who would you be really excited to face?

I would like to face Team World Elite. I think World Elite has been looking really strong as they’re one of the most renowned Chinese organizations so it would be super cool to face them.

Not long ago you were grinding away in SoloQ. Now, within less than a year, you’re going to the most prestigious events of all. Do you think this is a good sign for players around the globe?

I think it’s a sign that if you have a bit of luck and you’re dedicated enough, passionate enough, you can improve a lot in a really short time. It proves to newer players that if they try really hard then they can get very far in a short amount of time too.

What was your secret for making such an insane development within such a short period of time?

I don’t know what my secret was. I am really open to criticism which has surely helped me a lot. I respect everything that my previous coaches and teammates have told me. That has helped me to develop relatively quick as a player. Taking everything into account and trusting them on what they told me so that I could work on fixing my mistakes.

What was the most important lesson you yet had to learn as a pro player?

I learned quite a lot of things. First of all, living so far away from family and friends you quickly realize how much they really mean to you. Apart from that, I learned a lot of life skills since I live away from my family now. I gained a lot of crazy experiences including all the traveling, living with the team, competing in a competitive environment. These are a lot of cool things I’ve learned.

How is Denmark so good at League of Legends? Besides you and your teammates, there’s Zven, Bjergsen, Jensen – so many great players!

I’m not sure why Denmark is so good at esports in general. I really have no clue. Obviously, in the north, a lot of people start playing video games when they are young. Also, we are all really competitive and get insanely mad when we lose so we just want to get better all the time to smash our friends in games. As a whole, we all have very competitive mindsets. I don’t know if that is different in any other countries. It’s hard to say.

Since this has been the last match in EU for you this split, is there anything special you would like to address towards your fans or the fans of Fnatic?

Just thank you all for your ongoing support. The results during this split have been pretty much like a rollercoaster ride. After a really good start into the split, we got smashed at Rift Rivals. Sometime later we performed well again but then almost didn’t qualify for Worlds. It’s been a crazy ride this split so thanks to everyone who supported us all the way through. All the time we received mainly positive messages. That’s been awesome!

Thank you very much for your time and best of luck in China!

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