PSA: If either Febiven or Huni win the NA LCS, they’ll be the first player to win both an EU and NA LCS title

Even though there have been tons of top-tier European players getting imported to the NA LCS, none of them have been able to win both the EU and LCS within their career.

As Team Liquid face off against Echo Fox, and Clutch Gaming faces 100 Thieves in the Semifinals of the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split, we might see the first player achieving this feat: Both Huni (Echo Fox) and Febiven (Clutch Gaming) have previously won the EU LCS.

Additionally, Huni would be the first person to win an EU LCS, LCK and NA LCS title.

They aren’t the first players coming close to achieving this historic title however. The following players all had a chance to achieve this, but ultimately failed doing so:

In 2016, former Immortals players Huni and Reignover were unsuccessful to translate their fantastic regular split performances to Playoffs. Despite finishing their regular splits in first and second place, they ended up losing to TSM and Cloud9 in the Semifinals of Spring and Summer Split 2016 respectively.

In the Spring Split of 2016, YellowStar joined Team Solomid after winning multiple EU LCS titles with Fnatic. The Frenchmen came close to achieving this feat by making the Finals of the same split, but ultimately lost 2-3 against CLG. YellowStar was then replaced by Biofrost in the following Split, with TSM winning the Summer Split of 2016.

Another player who came very close to this achievement was Amazing, who won the NA LCS in Summer Split 2014 with TSM. He then went on to join Origen in back when they entered the European Challenger Series in 2015, with the team getting promoted to the EU LCS for Summer Split. In Summer, Origen went to the EU LCS Playoffs Finals, losing 2-3 to Fnatic.

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