Febiven: “It is going to be a G2 vs. H2k final for EU Summer Split Finals.”

Photograph taken by: Michal Konkol / Riot Games

After stomping Splyce, we had the chance to sit down with H2k Midlaner Febiven to talk about the series, the current Midlane meta, the upcoming EU LCS Summer Split Finals and who he regards as the best EU Midlaners at the moment. Enjoy!

Congratulations on the win. How do you feel right now?

I’m feeling pretty good. I’m quite satisfied but we are not yet at the point where we should be right now. There are still a lot of things to improve on. We have a lot of issues everywhere. In every aspect of the game, we are not perfect. We are good but we could be better in terms of teamfighting, decision-making, vision, etc.

Those two games were really one-sided in many ways. Of course, there was one or two teamfights were Splyce managed to come back with good Galio and Maokai ultimates but overall it looked very convincing. Especially given that a lot of people expected Splyce to win even or at least it to be a close series. Do you think that this was true to what you guys expected?

There wasn’t any thought that we would lose because I can handle Sencux easily and I won’t have any trouble against him. When I’m controlling the Midlane we usually end up winning as well unless we do stupid macro mistakes or we throw a game. Also, when my team sets me up to a get a lead for me, we usually end up playing good and I knew that I would have a good time today. I played for the team composition and I could farm because Sencux is not the most aggressive player so I expected to win lane. I still expected more from Splyce because Trashy tweeted “Time to show who is the best team in group B.” and I thought “Oh, this guy actually has confidence”.

Your Orianna performance was impressive in the second game. Orianna is that standard Midlane pick that always feels viable. Do you think that’s almost a problem that she is just too good as an allrounder?

In my opinion, there are counters to Orianna like Galio. With Galio you can always push like Sencux did. He always pushed me in the early game and they always had pressure. But there is a certain point in the game where Orianna takes over. Her shield is too effective and the cooldown is very low. Also, always having the threat of the Orianna ultimate in team fights is insanely huge. Then there are the slows, you can engage, you can kite. With Orianna you can really do everything. In the lane, she doesn’t have bad matchups. You always can go even just against Syndra it is a little bit harder since she has more range but Orianna is still more useful in team fights. I do not think Orianna needs a nerf. I think she is balanced. Some players don’t even prioritize Orianna. Some players just like to pick her because she is strong in lane and in teamfights.

Let’s talk about H2k. You are a strong team right now and in the top two if not the best team in Europe. Looking back at Rift Rivals, do you regret not having qualified and do you think you might have done better than other teams?

Yes, for sure. I think we would have done better than Fnatic and G2. They got stomped a lot and Fnatic was getting abused by their lack of strategies. I think our playstyle matches better against NA teams because we play in a similar way. Even though NA has good Midlaners like Bjergsen who play really good around their lane. We match up pretty well in every role. Every role can hold on their own and get their leads. Then it is just up to us how we play as a team and I think you could see us playing well against those teams.

You’d want to go to Worlds this year for sure. How do you see your chances, given the last split and looking at playoffs where you are quite likely securing the #1 seed in your group? Do you think that’s a reasonable goal?

We won’t lose to Splyce. That’s for sure and in the next weeks, we won’t lose to Unicorns of Love anymore. We have lost so many times against them that we should know how to play them now and the last time we played them we were far ahead and then threw. It is not possible to lose against Exileh anymore because he plays very bad. It hurts to see when he always dies and still wins in the end. He can make so many mistakes and somehow, they always manage to come back but I think that this should get punished harder by the good teams and I think we should be one of those teams. Further, we should be able to beat Fnatic as well. It will be hard but I think that G2 is better than Fnatic. To me, it seems much easier to play Fnatic because G2 just has better players in every role. It is going to be a G2 vs. H2k final for the Summer Split Finals.

Do you think that Fnatic got exposed with their limited amount of strategies at Rift Rivals?

Definitely. Their ADC was only playing two or three champions. Other teams just permanently pushed Botlane and used the pressure to roam to other lanes. They either took the tower early and did an early swap or laned with the ADC only and sent the Support to roam with the Jungler 24/7 while having a strong Midlane pick that can set up ganks for mid and just permanently gank Caps. The only thing you must avoid is to farm against Fnatic until late game. You will lose because they will push you for your life. It is a good strategy in EU but against the better teams, you get punished.

Caps usually get a lot of help from his Jungler. Exileh also, even if not he does not perform that well currently. Do you think that a lot of EU Midlaners look better because they get a lot of help from their Junglers?

No, I do not look at this as a thing that makes them look better. Playing well with your Jungler is important for the vision and pressure but usually, I rate a player by his mechanics. Movement, decision making, and positioning are factors. Not that much on how they synergize with their Jungler because I think most players in EU play well with their Jungler.

In these regards, you probably have a good opinion of Perkz, PowerOfEvil and Nukeduck since they have consistently shown good mechanics?

Yeah, those Midlaners are the best in Europe besides me. I think there is us for in the top tier and then there’s the rest. It is really close though. It depends on which team you are on. Nukeduck is a bit in ELO hell. He cannot get as much praise or as many achievements as he should get if he would be on a better team. I think if you would put Nukeduck in H2k or Fnatic you would see a similar performance from him. I don’t think he is a that different from the other Midlaners. Maybe personality-wise everyone is different and could benefit in different ways but skill-wise it is close.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans or the fans of your team H2k?

Thank you, everyone, for cheering. I really want to go to Worlds again and don’t want to miss out on this once more. We really can do it and I feel like I personally have the skill necessary to contend with the best players in the world. In the end, it is a team game and we have to do this together but the more love we get the better we will perform. I will always try my best.

Thank you very much for your time!

Darius Matuschak
Darius is an esports journalist trying to nurture esports culture whenever possible. He got into esports while finishing his Bachelor in Journalism, and has been a regular EU LCS attendee since January 2017.