Exileh: “The current Midlane meta is the best and most diverse meta we’ve seen all split”

Congratulations for the win, how do you feel?

I feel pretty good right now. We got a good lead in the first game and snowballed off of that, but I’m a bit unhappy about the fact that we played a bit sloppy in the second game. Overall I’m happy with our results this week and I’m looking forward to next week.

How did it feel going 7-1 on Talon in the first game?

Most of the kills that I got were thanks to Xerxe’s ganks and roaming towards Mid. The rest was just due Talon’s ability to snowball, given his extreme mobility. I think Xerxe deserves the credit for me doing so well.

What do you think of the current Midlane Meta?

I think the current Meta is super nice for Midlaners, especially since you can play so many different champions right now. This is due to the fact that LeBlanc got changed and Ryze got nerfed a lot. Ryze was just one of these picks that essentially disabled 80% of all Midlane champions that now finally see play. This is why champions like Talon or Vladimir came up. That said, I think Orianna and Syndra are still in a really good spot as well. It’s a bit rougher for Orianna now, given that we see more mobile ADCs than before, but she’s still a viable pick for sure.

Would you say that the current Midlane Meta is the best we’ve seen this split?

Yeah, definitely. I think right now the variety of champions we see in Midlane is so big, it really showcases the strength of certain Midlaners. Most people have their own unique champion pool and it finally feels like everyone can show why they play their favourite champions so much, since most of them are viable now. Especially when you compare this to the end of the last Summer Split or Worlds: We essentially only saw Viktor, Orianna, Syndra, which was permabanned and Cassiopeia. It was always the same four picks. So I’m really happy that the Meta has changed since.

You managed to get the win against H2K, got the expected result against Origen. What are your hopes for playoffs?

Right now I don’t care who we face. I think that when we play our best, we can win against anyone. We just need some more good practice. I’m confident that we’ll get first seed in our group and then take it from there.

Is G2 the one team that you might be scared of?

It’s definitely the team we have the most respect for. They’re unbeaten so far and it’s well deserved. That said, we do have a positive scrim record against them. Granted, they also try out a lot of new things when scrimming and play 100% serious on stage, so there might be a discrepancy here.

G2 is now unbeaten in EU LCS for more than a year, which is an astonishing record. Are the Unicorns going to be the team that breaks this record?

Of course it’s our plan and dream to beat them in playoffs and break this record. We’re going to try our best for sure. Everyone is really motivated and dedicated to making this a reality. The awesome thing about our team situation right now is that even when you yourself are not motivated on a certain day, the fact that everyone else on the team is giving it their best encourages you to do well too. If you don’t do for yourself, you do it for them.

Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

I’m really happy that everyone is supporting us, despite the slump we had during IEM and against G2/Misfits. I’m thankful for all the support that I get as well, I don’t feel like I’ve been playing that good this split but I get a lot of positive messages nonetheless and it helps a lot.

Thank you very much for your time!

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