You really need to level up your PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS ingame wardrobe? The newest addition to the Twitch Prime loots might get you covered!

How do I grab the exclusive skins?

For the first time in Twitch Prime’s history the exclusive benefits will be available in more than 200 countries. In case you live in a country where Twitch Prime isn’t available just select the “Prime Video worldwide plan”. In case you are not yet a Twitch Prime member still want those exclusive PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS skins you can check out the step by step guide under the official announcement.

Good luck and enjoy the battlegrounds – in style!

Alexander Hugo
Alexander studied Media and Communication Management in Berlin and London with additional two years of legal studies in Osnabrück, Germany. The Shotcaller is his second esports related project after founding PENTA Sports in 2014.