ESBD is Germany’s New Esports Association

On November 26, 2017, the German esports association called eSport-Bund Deutschland (ESBD) announced its formation. The association consists of 21 esports organizations including professional and amateur teams but also the industry association for interactive entertainment software as well as one of the world’s leading esports tournament organizers ESL.

Germany follows other national scenes like South Korea (KeSPA) or Great Britain (British Esports Association) who previously established esports associations for their respective regions. Especially in order to reach acknowledgment for esports as a sport the German Olympic Sports Confederation and various political entities have demanded a governing body for esports in Germany. In addition, an esports association could assist inexperienced players that are looking representation.

On the ESBD website, their mission statements reads as follows: “Since November 2017 the ESBD is the association for organized Esport in Germany. As a professional sports association, and represents organized players, clubs, teams and tournament organizers.”

Excerpt from the list of eSport-Bund Deutschland (ESBD) founding members:
eSport-Bund Deutschland (ESBD) Members
Photograph taken by: eSport-Bund Deutschland
  • Unicorns of Love
  • H2k Gaming
  • Wind and Rain (WaR)
  • Planetkey Dynamics
  • Playing Ducks
  • BLUEJAYS Sports
  • Bundesverband Interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware e.V. (BIU)
  • EURONICS Gaming
  • Berlin International Gaming (BIG)
  • Electronics Sports League (ESL)
Committee of the eSport-Bund Deutschland (ESBD):
eSport-Bund Deutschland (ESBD) Presidency
Photograph taken by: Maria Manneck
  • Hans Jagnow (President and Board Member 1. Berliner eSport-Club e.V.)
  • Niklas Timmermann (Vice President and Agency E-Native)
  • Jan Pommer (Director Team and Federation Relations, ESL Gaming)
  • Martin Müller (Board Member Magdeburg eSports e.V.)
  • Fabian Laugwitz (Partner law firm ACT Legal)
  • Anna Baumann (Legal Counsel)
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