EDG will partner with French football club Olympique Lyon

Earlier today, Chinese esports team EDG have announced on their official Weibo page that they are partnering with a football club from Europe. Roughly at the same time, Olympique Lyon’s Weibo page also announced that they’re partnering with an esports entity. The official announcement is set to be released later today.

Screenshot of Lyon’s announcement: 

Whether this partnership will affect the League of Legends division or not remains to be seen. That said, EDG currently are not active within esports disciplines other than League of Legends.

Olympique Lyon on the other hand, do have an esports division that currently consists of six FIFA players, five of which play in China.

This comes at a surprising time, given that French football club Paris Saint-Germain announced that their European League of Legends division will come to a halt soon. Even though more and more football clubs seem interested in the esports scene, few have actually partaken in investments, such as Schalke 04 or AS Rome.

The fact that Olympique have opted out to a partnership with a Chinese team, instead of staying on their home turf in Europe, might come as a surprise to some fans. That said, many football clubs have toured to China in the past, with football growing bigger and bigger in the East.

It also should be noted that EDG have continuously proven themselves as one of the best Chinese teams with a huge focus on infrastructure, therefore minimising the risk that Olympique will have to undertake.

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