Dr DisRespect gets banned after his 16th team kill

Photo courtesy of ShadowBlade (YouTube)

On the night from July 17th to July 18th, the renowned Twitch.tv partnered streamer Dr DisRespect got banned from his current main game PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGOUNDS for violating the game’s Rules of Conduct by intentionally killing a teammate.

Taking a look at Dr DisRespect’s PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS all-time statistics on PUBG.me, The Shotcaller found that it hasn’t been the first time the major influencer killed one of his team mates. In fact, he has killed sixteen of them since the game went into Early Access late Match 2017.

In this case, it is interesting to see that Bluehole, the developing company, took immediate action and banned Dr DisRespect before he was able to join another match.

The following Twitch.tv clip shows the incident that led to the team kill.

As you can see from his facial expressions, MrGrimmmz has been quite surprised about the behavior of his teammate. Team kills usually do not happen on accident and this clearly hasn’t been one. Despite that, streamers and especially influencers like Dr DisRespect take a role model function. Their misbehavior doesn’t just affect individual players or single matches but a large part of the community.

Is it a permanent ban?

Although there is a lot of drama going on around this ban, nothing special happened here. A player violated PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS’s Rules of Conduct and got punished like everybody else would.

Play Fair and respect other players

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