Doublelift: Love to Hate Me – A fictional recreation of the NA LCS Finals from Doublelift’s perspective

This narration is purely fictional and in no way a true representation of the player’s mind or ideas.

Another final. How many times has it been? I can’t seem to place my finger on it, but I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been a part of the scene for as long as I have. The weird thing is that I’ve been nervous all morning. Looking over to Olleh, he gives me his typical cute, almost clueless smile, but it’s reassuring nonetheless. You’d think after all this time I wouldn’t be nervous on the big stage.

DOUBLELIFT!” Phreak shouts. The crowd reaches their crescendo and I wave to all the fans. This venue definitely feels different, as I can see all the individual faces; a reminder as to why I got into professional play in the first place. I’ve put all my effort into this, every ounce of my focus into being a better player. I can’t let anything distract me, not the fans, the noise, or even my family situation. Block it out and perform.

APHROMOO!” says Phreak as he calls out the last player.

I would be lying if I said that disconnecting from Aphromoo wasn’t a critical moment in my life. I’m an honest guy; some might mistake that for cockiness or being an asshole, but first and foremost, I’m just truthful. Seeing Aphromoo across the stage brings back a bit of nostalgia, but that’s not going to stop me from stomping him in the mud.

We rush over to the PC stations and as soon as I put my headset on, I hear Olleh giggling and exacerbating his problem, saying “I’m so nervous!”

“It’s fine, we’re ok. It’s only game one Olleh,” I reply.

“Yeah. Just imagine everyone in the crowd naked,” Pobelter jokingly remarks.

“Wait, what is that even supposed to mean?” Olleh asks innocently.

Cain gives us a reminder to start focusing on the game as we enter draft phase. “Alright, it’s your time to shine Doublelift. Make sure we keep bot lane advantage, because we don’t want the Trist to start scaling harder than she needs to be. They’re going to be relying on her long range for this comp. Pobelter, you should be fine in this mid matchup. Impact will be able to handle against Ssumday’s Ornn and we’ll prioritize vision towards bot lane. Good luck guys.”

Game 1 is off to a decent start. I’m already up 15 CS at 7 minutes and we just got Ocean Drake. I can’t think of a better start for us. I’m smashing this kid.

“Oh shit,” Impact says as both Aphromoo and Cody Sun lane swapped unexpectedly. Damnit, they just voided all of our advantage bot lane.

“It’s okay, just rotate top and we’ll get top turret along with Rift Herald,” Xmithie exclaims.

He’s right. This isn’t too difficult to handle.

At 11:30, we all start fighting near Rift Herald, but Impact teleports and tanks the entire enemy team for what seems like ages.

“Uhh, what the hell was that Impact?! You’re a fucking beast,” I shout to him over our headset.

“They can’t kill me,” Impact replies back.

I decide to farm a wave in mid around 24:30, but Aphromoo is barreling down towards me, my teammates are kind of far away.

I’m screwed.

I have to flash this Ornn ult. Fuck, he’s definitely going to stun me up.

Just as predicted.

I messed up far too early by being ahead of my team.

“My bad guys. I was too far forward,” I say as I stare at my gray screen.

“That’s baron, but we should be able to defend this,” I add.

Xmithie has other plans, as he wraps around behind the pit.

Impact uses his glue to hold everyone in the pit in place. Xmithie jumps over and smite steals it.

“Oh my fucking god! I love you Xmithie,” I say with elation.

This game should be easy from here.

Game 2 starts and right from the get-go, 100T throw the game.

“I’m so far ahead of Skarner now,” Xmithie says as he smites his red buff, watching Meteos limp away, back into his own jungle.

Yeah, they messed up this early game hard.

“I GOT HIM! I GOT HIM” Olleh says as Ryu tries to escape with his ult but gets caught by Olleh ulting him as he almost zips past.

“Nice,” Pobelter responds.

I gotta say, I’m impressed by Olleh on occasion. He knows where to be on the map and one of the best supports I’ve ever had. His dedication is some of the craziest that I’ve ever seen.

We’re 19 minutes into the game, pressuring around baron and I’m sure they have to facecheck us.

“Just wait for them to come to us. We don’t have to do anything,” I say to my team.

Shit. Xmithie is dead. We gotta make a play NOW.

“I’m going in,” Pobelter says.

Wait, what is he saying? Into four of them?

Oh…my…god. Pobelter just shuffled onto them all.

“Dude, you’re literally insane,” I tell him after we clean up.

Pobelter is such an underrated mid laner and honestly, after playing with Bjergsen, you’d think every other mid laner I would play with would just pale in comparison. But Pobelter has this insane work ethic and ability to understand the game faster than most. I’m stoked to have this guy on my team.

Game 3  is looking good for us in the bot lane.

“Wait, he bought Doran’s Shield on Caitlyn. Okay, either these guys are trolling or Cody is just so fucking scared,” I say.

Everything starts to go wrong.

“I don’t know. Like, I can’t even stay near my turret anymore. I’ll still be useful in teamfights though. Not too big of a problem,” Impact says with virulence.

“Don’t worry, we’ll just make a play bot side,” Xmithie retorts.

Both Xmithie and Pobelter roam down to set up a dive.

This is going to be good.

One, two, three, hell yeah! Four!

That shuffle was such a nice setup to knock him back into my ult range.

“Focus my top laner more,” I jokingly let out with a yell.

It’s kind of fitting that I get to play Jhin in a theater in the finals. I don’t have any doubt that we’ll be able to finish this game and sweep them.

We close in on the nexus. Damn this is gonna feel good.

“So, my Braum fucking sucks huh?!” Olleh looks over to me, shouting.

We both jump up and start hugging each other. Olleh starts to cry. It feels so satisfying to win. This gives me a bit of validation for getting kicked from TSM and wondering what my next move is. This win just reminds me of my time on CLG. Pobelter playing like a god and Xmithie having the most clutch smite. I’m so glad I joined this team. This is my life. Without my fans, without competition, I would just be a normal person. I don’t want to be normal. When I stopped playing to stream, I realized that this is just part of who I am. This will be a goal that I’ll forever be chasing.

And nothing is going to stop me.

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