Digital Chaos Expands Into PUBG By Signing Team PogChamp

Digital Chaos PUBG

Just a few minutes after FaZe Clan announced their entry into PUBG, Digital Chaos announced that they signed Team PogChamp. Just as the FaZe Clan line-up, the new Digital Chaos team is qualified for the IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational which will take place November 18/19, 2017. Right after the successful qualification for the prestigious competition, The Shotcaller got to talk to the team captain of Digital Chaos, Thyge “Fausto” Nyborg. After a quite unfortunate start into the qualifier, the team put all their eggs into one basket and eventually qualified after an outstanding comeback run.

Digital Chaos PUBG
Ewan “EwanHC” Tindale
Joakim “Jokkizz” Olsen
John “Awien” Waltersson Brandell
Thyge “Fausto” Nyborg

Alexander Hugo
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