Dieuponey Talks Joining UoL, Totoro and the Future of the Team

Replacing the ripped, half-naked mascot manager Romain Bigeard is as an almost impossible task. Mathias “Dieuponey” Klein has risen to the challenge however and will manage the boys in pink from now on. In this interview he talks about his new job, the UoL Support Totoro and what he has planned for the future. Enjoy!

Hi Mathias, thank you very much for talking to us! Before joining the Unicorns of Love, you worked on web-based applications and business development – what made you make the jump into esports? And why did you join the Unicorns of Love specifically?

Thank you for having me for this interview !

I have been interested in esports since the arrival of Starcraft II. I did some online and offline tournaments back in these days. After that I also streamed and even after I worked with pro players about stress issue and mindset. I was always looking about getting into esport but sometimes you just have to wait for the good opportunity.

I think Unicorns Of Love is a good match with my mindset. Working in a family-like environment feels good and also doing all this crazy stuff like we did for the livestream is really fun and I love that part.

How did you and the Unicorns get in contact? Has it been through recommendations or did they actively approach you?

I just sent an email with the content I wanted to show to the address which was in the job offer post and few weeks later they reply to me. No recommendations and I think they never heard of me before (laugh).

You have big shoes to full since Romain has been one of the well known EU LCS personalities. In your initial announcement you were featured in a shirtless photograph that seemed to mimic Romain in some way. Do you intend to live his legacy or are you going to be a “normal” manager?

The shirtless pic is from the content I sent to UoL for my application. I wanted to show them the two faces of my coin. The dressed one means I can be professional and I have experience, and the other one was to show that I’m a crazy esport fan. Actually I would have wear a “my little pony” shirt to fit with the plush I hold on the pic. But it didn’t come in time, so I figure out that it was the best way to slice with the business pic.

Romain was one of the person who actively participate in building the unique UoL image. I think craziness is in the DNA of the team and that won’t change with his leaving. But for what I can say on my side, I’m not sure “normal” is an adjective who can define me (wink).

You’ve now spent several weeks with the team at the bootcamp in Korea and back in Berlin. Have you enjoyed your time so far?

Yes definitely ! I feel so lucky that UoL gives me the opportunity to work with them and in the esport industry. I learn a lot everyday about this brand new world and this 2018 adventure will be really awesome.

What can Western fans expect of Totoro? What kind of player is he? Some EU LCS fans were worried that his English might not be on the level necessary in order to compete in the league.

I think Totoro brings a lot of cuteness to the Unicorns family (laughs). On the LoL side he has a strong understanding of the game and can be really decisive playmaker. He’s improving his English every day and he’s very dedicated to learn as he is for practice. We are all confident in him, otherwise we wouldn’t have chosen him.

What are your personal goals working with the Unicorns of Love?

Doing my best and push my limits to be the best Team Manager I can and that everything is done on my side for the players so they can be at their best level. My boys would make me so proud if they can lead our team to split finals and to the Worlds. Hopefully they have a good coach to show them the way!

Finally, did you have a chance to meet any of the UoL fans, the LoveHurtsCrew? And is there something you’d like to say to the EU LCS fans?

I already met some LHC members and they are all so nice. I’m also in the UOL discord group made by the fans so I can discuss with them daily. Special dedication for CrewMami and Noobakten, I’m still waiting for my pizza guys.

I would like to say to all EU LCS fans that is thanks to them that we can be here, working everyday and making our teams as great as they can be so they can enjoy to watch us play. Thanks to those who support UoL and I’m looking forward to meet them at the Studio!

Thank you very much for your time!

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