Deilor: “I feel bad for Huni. I hope he gets more praise in the future.”

As Worlds has concluded with an unthinkable 0-3 stomp of SKT by the hands of SSG, many viewers at the Bird’s Nest and at home were saddened by the sight of a broken Faker. The star player was unable to carry his team to a fourth World Championship, which led many people to flaming his teammates for letting him down – including SKT’s Toplaner Huni.

Luis Deilor, the former Fnatic coach who worked with Huni in 2015 and reached the Worlds Semifinals in the same year, has a different take on the matter however, at least in regards to Huni himself. He says:

“There were a lot of Tweets, videos and Reddit threads about Faker crying after losing. It was heartbreaking to watch faker cry but I actually feel bad for Huni. He had a rough year: evolving as a player (tanks in his champion pool), playing vs the best tops in the world, getting benched and being criticized a lot.
He played good in worlds and was one of the best SKT players during the final. I hope he gets more praise in the future.”

You can find the complete statement on Deilor’s official Facebook page.

In the Facebook post, Deilor mentions his excitement for the upcoming LCK and NA LCS but also voices criticism towards Riot and the EU LCS:

“I’m not happy with the changes announced for EU. It seems RIOT doesn’t really know what to do. EU is a fragmented market (many different countries and languages) and just copying NA’s model won’t work.”

The Shotcaller is currently in the process of conducting an interview with Deilor. Follow us on Twitter to get updated once the interview gets released.

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