Deftly: “I think the meta right now is pretty entertaining. It’s like a clown fiesta.”

The Golden Guardians did the impossible in Week 7, defeating Echo Fox, the number one team. Everyone who bet against them probably lost a lot of money, and Matthew “Deftly” Chen couldn’t be happier proving the doubters wrong.

Izento got some words in with Deftly about their game against Echo Fox, his thoughts on Matt, and his rivalry for Rookie of the Split against Licorice.

You guys looked fantastic in the bot lane and were able to punish the summoner advantage. What’s your opinion on Echo Fox’s bot lane?

We were able to snowball off of a level one cheese, with Rakan (Matt) using ‘W’ over the wall and Altec didn’t expect it so we got his flash. Once lane started, he didn’t respect not having his own flash up, so we just went all-in and got first blood. Off of that we called our jungle down and he just fell really far behind. That would happen to any ADC though, it’s not that Altec necessarily played bad. The Echo Fox bot lane are really up there, but I also think myself and Matt are quite good too. They like Kalista a lot so maybe it’s hard for them to stay away from that pick now that it’s nerfed.

Regarding the game, it was nerve-wracking since a lot of our gold was on me, so I had to make sure I didn’t make mistakes and I had to play well for us to win the game. But I like being put in the driver’s seat.

Many may believe that Golden Guardians are a cheese team that try to get some advantage by picking Illaoi or Volibear. What are your opinions on your draft and how your coach tackles the meta as it unfolds?

Our coach isn’t the only one that tackles the draft. We, as a team, sit down together and decide what the best picks are. We’re not the only team that plays Illaoi or Volibear so I wouldn’t really call it cheese. A bit off-meta or counterpicks? Niche picks? As the league goes on, I think we’ll see more and more of that, it’s just that we had the most opportunities to show our hand regarding those.

The current meta looks restrictive for the supports and top laners. There are several players taking Minion Dematerializer and now Banner of Command, which both are now taking up valuable inventory space. Do you suppose this affects your laning phase?

In the laning phase, you don’t have that many items to start out with anyways, so Minion Dematerializer doesn’t really matter anyways unless I’m playing Ezreal and I have it. Then I have to decide if I want to sell it early or should I get something else? Outside of that, I think the meta right now is pretty entertaining, it’s like a clown fiesta. especially with Banner of Command and how the top lane champs are. There’s a lot of Cho’Gath and Maokai, but then there’s the counterpick in Trundle, like with what Echo Fox did. The Cho’Gath and Maokai matchup we watched in scrims a bunch and it’s funny because they don’t do damage to each other, and they almost want the enemy to attack them, so that they miss creeps. They’re standing on top of the creeps to make each other miss cs (laughs).

I think Banner of Command is broken, especially with baron and if you throw it in a lane and 5-man push. The enemy team has to kill it or else they lose the game. You’re basically always in a good position with baron, because the enemy team has to engage on you. If you play the fight smart and keep your Banner of Command minion safe, you’ll win the game.

What do you consider Matt’s strength is as a player? What makes him better than other LoL players?

Matt’s like a psychic. He has foresight into the game. He knows his actions and the consequences of those actions, good or bad. He can see two steps forward and that helps me a lot. Matt has also gotten the chance to play with extremely talented ADCs which I aspire to be, like Doublelift and Piglet, as they’re both really strong laners. I think he carried on some of their good tendencies and he teaches me from that knowledge.

What are your thoughts on achieving playoffs, as your strength of schedule is still standing in your way?

We’re over the hill now. Early in the season we were 0-6 and everyone’s morale was in the gutter. Even though we didn’t show it because we’re a really upbeat team, you could tell that everyone lost a bit of themselves. With these wins slowly accruing, if we 2-0 this week then we have high hopes for playoffs.

Any words for your peeps out there?

I’m really excited to play against C9. Their top laner Licorice, we played together in the Challenger Series in EUnited, so we have a rivalry between each other. Even back then when we were playing, it’s funny, in games we won so much that we just wanted to see who would get the most kills in the game? Who would get the most cs in the game? (Laughs). We would brag to each other after the game was over and now it’s going to be difficult but I want to compete with him for Rookie of the Split.

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