Deficio talks about his favorite moments in his Casting Career, and joining Origen: “I want to make it clear that I am not done with broadcasting. I hope to be a guest as often as I can!”

In a surprising announcement, Origen will be back to the newly formed LoL European Championship – partnering with Astralis. Deficio will be the General Manager of this team, so we took some time to talk to the former EU LCS Caster to talk about his future, what he’s looking for in the Origen roster, and the potential of him appearing on the LEC broadcast after all. Enjoy!

Hi Martin, thank you very much for taking your time to talk to us. First of all: Now that you’re stepping down as a Caster, what can we expect from you in the future?

I will be working for RFRSH Entertainment (the company behind Astralis and now Origen) as the General Manager of Origen. Being able to build and manage a League of Legends team again has always been one of my career goals and dreams. We have so many cool things planned, especially towards the culture and advanced infrastructure we want to build around our players to give them the best environment possible. Being able to work with Astralis and their awesome players is another nice bonus as a proud Dane!

It’s important for me to highlight that I still want to be active on broadcast and in content. I won’t be able to do it full-time but I will be in Berlin for the show days and be available for Riot as a caster/analyst from time to time.


Stepping down as a Caster must’ve been a difficult decision to make for you, given that you’re one of the most popular LoL casters in the World. What was the key factor in the decision?

Very few things could make me quit being a caster and it’s been the hardest decision I have made, but being able to bring back Origen to the EU LCS with RFRSH and Astralis while living in Copenhagen is just too perfect of an opportunity. I respect the team here a lot and they trust in me to create something great!


Looking back at your phenomenal casting career, what would you describe as your three favorite moments as a Caster?

They are all from 2015 actually!

2015 Spring Final between Fnatic and UoL with the “Trevor, kiss me” moment. That entire split was one big highlight for me, as Trevor and I became the EU duo after we lost Joe Miller and Deman.

2015 Summer Finals between Fnatic and Origen. I have been very vocal about this bo5 in the past and I still believe it was the greatest final we have ever had in western League of Legends. Epic crowd in Stockholm, 5 games, first finals tricast with Quickshot and Krepo, pentakill from Rekkles and the story of xPeke/Soaz vs the 18-0 Fnatic with Huni. I will never forget that match.

Last moment would be my first World Finals cast in 2015 also stands out. I am not very emotional but it was a huge achievement and a big personal statement due to how bad I was when I started in 2014.

What will you miss the most about being a part of the EU LCS Crew?

The EU LCS crew, both the on-air team and the production crew. It’s not often you get to to work with your close friends but I have been lucky here. It’s been an absolute pleasure and I will miss being there for every show.

What are your personal goals with Origen for the 2019 season?

Year 1 is always a building year for a completely new team. We will have a great mix of veterans and new talented players that works with our great coaching staff. I want the team to grow and establish themselves as a clear Playoffs team that can fight for the top spots and Worlds.

Who will take over for you doing EUphoria? Or will EUphoria be discontinued?

I told them everyone would be great except for Vedius.

I think they decided on Froskurinn unless Drakos has gone mad with power and makes it a 1 man podcast. There is no way EUphoria just stops btw, its way too good!

PS: Please invite me for the first episode.

Are there any final words you’d like to say to the fans?

I want to thank everyone of you who watched and supported me and the EU LCS broadcast over the years. I am excited about my new role as a General Manager and I can’t wait to show you some of the awesome things we are working on! At last, I once again want to make it clear that I am not done with broadcasting, I hope to be a guest as often as I can!


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