Darius’ EU LCS Team of the Week #1 – For the love of God, start banning Poppy against Schalke

Throughout this weekend, we presented two “Team of the Matchdays” – now it’s time for the first EU LCS Team of the Week, following Week 8 of the Summer Split 2018! If you yourself would like to create your own, make sure to check out the tweet below for the template, and use the hashtag #EUTOTW – we’re very keen to see who you’d pick for your TOTW!

And without further ado, here are Darius’ explanations about his picks:

Toplane: Vizicsacsi

Image courtesy of: Riot Games

Dear Splyce and H2k, here’s a tip from a Silver 5 analyst: When you go up against Vizicsacsi, ban Poppy. Please. The man has a 100% winrate on her, went undefeated in 5 Poppy games so far. You’re probably not going to be the team that changes this. Whether it’s in lane, in teamfights, or when it comes to objective control, Csacsi is arguably one of the best Poppy players in the world right now. Don’t test him.

Jungle: Jankos

Image courtesy of: Riot Games

Even though Jankos didn’t make either of the “Team of the Matchday”-Teams, he was the most consistent high-tier Jungler during the past weekend. Even though Wadid received a lot of praise for his engages, it was Jankos’ filthy Gragas Ultimates that got the ball rolling more often than not against Misfits. Kobé would be proud of those 3-pointers. Is that how you call them? I’m European, I don’t know basketball. Anyway, they were pretty damn good. And his Sejuani was a nightmare for UoL to deal with as well.

Midlane: Caps

Image courtesy of: Riot Games

Caps just does things that no one else does. Like picking Wukung Mid and carrying a game against a very strong Splyce. Or showing why he’s the best in the League on the reworked Akali right now by completely outplaying Ruin. Caps deserves the title of being a “wonder kid”. He keeps performing on the highest level possible, while always having a trick up his sleeve. And being the X-factor gets you in the EU LCS Team of the Week!

Botlane: Kobbe

Image courtesy of: Riot Games

This week of EU LCS was supposed to be all about the return of Rekkles – but two other Botlaners took over the spotlight instead: Hjarnan and Kobbe. And even though the latter went 1-1, he played such a phenomenal game against Fnatic in particular, that I have to give credit where it’s due. Although Nisqy and Odoamne also certainly pulled their weight, Kobbe was a crucial member in both Splyce games. His Ashe and Varus are simply to die for.

Support: Hylissang

Image courtesy of: Riot Games#

According to Deficio, Hylissang is the “best Pyke in the world right now”. And who would genuinely have the guts to say he’s wrong? Landing hook after hook after hook, killing people for fun, Hylissang is on fire right now. Playing Pyke against him must feel like being a fish in a barrel – you have nowhere to go, so you might as well surrender.

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