CSGOconfigs Caught Secretly Mining Cryptocurrencies

CSGOconfigs, a very popular site among CS:GO players to find and download the configuration files of their favorite players, uses the Coinhive service on their website to mine cryptocurrencies. Coinhive offers a javascript that website hosts can integrate to run in the background of their website and abuse their visitor’s processing power.  A user brought up the topic on Reddit. The Shotcaller has learned that CSGOconfigs, which counts roughly 250,000 visits a month, uses the script for at least since early October. The Coinhive scripts are considered malware and are being blocked by the major anti-virus software manufacturers.

Coinhive Mining Script CSGO Configs
Google Chrome Site Inspector

A similar incident has occurred in 2013 when ESEA integrated the malware into their public client, using the highly potent GPU’s of their users to mine Bitcoins. Since then, the ESEA had a poor standing and a large part of the community lost trust in the company until today.

The best practice is to avoid pages exploiting the users by secretly using their processing performance for monetary gains without disclosing it. However, if you want to continue using the website without being exploited, you can add ||coinhiveproxy.com^ to the filter list of whatever ad-blocking service you are using. At the same time feel free to whitelist The Shotcaller since service of this website partly relies on serving advertisements.

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