Contractz: “Rengar is kind of worthless now that he can’t do Raptors anymore.”

There’s still plenty of doubt against the Golden Guardians, but Juan “Contractz” Artuo Garcia says otherwise as he proliferated a commanding victory during Week 6 against CLG, while Izento was able to ask about the Kha’Zix pick, his thoughts on 8.4 Rengar and his controversial contract deal with C9.

That game was a bit wild but you pulled out the win with Kha’Zix. You were previously known to be good on this champion in the Spring Split of last year. What draws you to Kha’Zix as a champion?

He works well with my playstyle and I’ve mastered that champion already; I’m very comfortable on him. I play him whenever he looks good and the game against CLG I had a good matchup against Sejuani and it’s just easy for Kha’Zix to take over a game, especially with Ryze.

You’re also incredible on Rengar. How do you feel about his changes on patch 8.4?

I played a lot of Rengar way back in Season 2 and 3. I think he’s kind of worthless as a champion now because you can’t really do raptors anymore and that was one of Rengar’s strong suits so, that would contribute to his nerf.

What are your thoughts on Tracker’s Knife?

I’m not too sure. I think it will be fun for junglers since red and blue smite will be more viable to build and you can have a lot more dueling. It’s been a long time since junglers have been able to duel so I don’t know how that’s going to shape up.

Some fans were saying that you were slumping, yet during the 2017 Spring Split, you were awarded Rookie of the Split. What’s your opinion about players looking good on a team that’s struggling?

It definitely shows that you can make the best out of a bad situation. I’m performing poorly this split but if you’re good enough, you’re going to look good regardless. There takes a large amount of work to be able to show how good you are within a bad team.

Tough question, but do you feel any sort of bitterness or resentment when looking at Cloud 9 and how they’re performing?

I can’t say I don’t because you look at them and say “oh, they’re all the way at the top and we’re at the bottom”. There’s not much you can do about it but focus on myself and my team, doing the best that I can and beat them at one point.

Talking to your namesake as Contractz, it was said that you had complications in finding a team this year. Do you believe that the current system of contract negotiations is optimal?

        Agents are helpful but I think it’s a bit tricky. I think it should just be the player that finds a team and talks to their representatives and then you should go through a lawyer. That’s probably the best way to finding another team. What we’re doing right now is fine though.

Any shoutouts?

Thanks to all the fans. It’s been a really rough split so far but hopefully we can go 2-0 in Week 7!

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