Competitive Ruling: KT Mata Penalized for Using His Mother’s Account

League of Legends Korea reported on 5th of February (KST) that a competitive ruling was made for Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong, the support player for KT Rolsters, for Account Sharing – With his mother.

The competitive ruling announced “The committee has confirmed that…Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong has used an account under another person’s identification, and on 26th of January 2018, was place under a 30 day in-game ban.”

Thankfully for KT Rolster fans, the competitive ruling will not prevent Mata from playing any matches. “We have confirmed the player in subject has indeed used an account under another person, but has not done so for financial or other gains.”

Taking account for “the comprehensive situation, the player’s testimony and his expression of remorse” League of Legends Korea has penalized Mata with 500,000 KRW (460 USD/369 Euro as of 5th of February) and 25 hours of public service.

The competitive ruling given out by League of Legends Korea, in its original text. Source:

UPDATE: Regarding the competitive ban, KT Rolsters told Naver’s DailyEsports: “Before Mata became a professional, he had an account that he created using his mother’s social security number; Mata had forgotten this fact and had continued to play in this account, which has now become a problem.

Mata commented about the situation in his Facebook: “A long time ago, I created a secondary account using my mother’s social security number. Thinking that it’s under me, I’ve been playing on the account all this time until I was penalized recently.” Mata added, “Regardless of the details, I know very well that the fact I broke the rules is my mistake and mine to blame. I will comply with the penalties accordingly.”

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