Cody Sun on relaxing before important matches: “Me and Aphro just chill. We just talk about whatever, girls or something.”

In an important win over Clutch Gaming, 100 Thieves were able to manifest their incredible form and eventually challenge Echo Fox for first. Izento spoke with 100T ADC Cody Sun about the series, his MVP expectations and Playoffs. Enjoy!

100 Thieves were able to dismantle Clutch Gaming. The bot lane dive was a bit botched in the beginning. What happened there? I noticed Ssumday dropped tower aggro, so during that time, did you guys decide to drop the plan?

Cho’Gath already came down for dragon and we were looking for an opportunity to dive them, and then the minions were gone. Someone called to do it anyways and then we’re like, “that’s a yikes for me” (laughs). Then after we all died, we’re just like, “that’s a yikes for me” (laughing intensifies).

That play set you guys back a bit. When a play like that goes wrong, how did you bounce back?

For our team, we’re pretty chill even if the game isn’t going our way. We had so many games where we were behind 5k gold and then we came back. We just joked around since the play didn’t go well and moved on. Just play the game, it’s whatever.

You play Echo Fox on Sunday. Their bot lane is said to be a bit weaker after the Kalista nerfs and Tracker’s Knife. What are your thoughts on lane bully champions and ADC’s being reliant on getting lane priority to win? Do you think this is a healthy mentality for an ADC?

In terms of lane priority, it just depends on what the team is willing to do with it. This game, they had priority with Varus and Tahm Kench but we were pressuring top so hard that they really didn’t get anything except dragons. Varus eventually got outscaled, so their early game strength didn’t matter. If a team is willing to make plays around the stronger bot lane matchup then the bot lane can break the first turret and snowball the game from there. It all just depends on the goals that each team sets for the game.

Everyone is talking about MVP. You’re one of the names that has kind of snuck in there. Do you think you’ve grown a lot as a player? If so, what areas do you think you’re better at now than in the past?

I’ve gotten a lot more confident over time and since being in the LCS, I’ve kept doing well against my competitors and learned how each champion plays and certain intricacies in the bot lane. I did well in the Summer Split last year and this year so far too, so that’s two splits in a row. I don’t care too much about MVP. As long as I keep improving and I’m comfortable with my own level of play, that’s what matters in the end.

Since we’re having more high-pressure matches, do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions that help alleviate some of that pressure and get you in a particular mindset?

Back in Immortals with Olleh, before every game we would go outside and talk for 5 or 10 minutes. We tried to get on the same page and try to stay focused but get relaxed as well. Being outside feels a lot more calming. So, I brought this over to 100 Thieves and me and Aphro just chill and we’ll say what’s on our mind. I think it’s good for the bot lane to do that.

So, you guys just bullshit a bit, not even about the game particularly?

Yeah, we don’t always talk about the game, we just talk about whatever, girls or something (laughs).

Alright, so playoffs are coming up: What team do you have your eye on the most?

I guess every team is pretty similar now, but TSM is on the upswing. FOX and C9 have lost games and none of the teams look too invincible but personally I like playing against C9. I feel like everyone is hyping their bot lane as MVP contenders but every time I play against their bot lane it just feels really easy. I would prefer we play against C9, but I don’t really care who we play against, as long as we play to our own style.

Anything you want to get off your chest before playoffs?

This split, we really got to mesh with each other and build a team that’s going to be competitive going into playoffs. I really like this team and all the relationships I’ve built, I’m really grateful for that. I think we’re really coming along and going into playoffs we’ll be prepared to take it home.

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