CG Solo: “Echo Fox, Cloud9 and Team Liquid are the real top teams.”

Clutch Gaming have made a statement in their match against TSM. Amongst that delivery, Colin “Solo” Earnest was the linchpin for their success, having a fantastic game on the Camille pick.

Izento met with Solo, the player that was no longer in the shadows of star LCS top laners, to give some insight on his performance on the carry champion, the function of his coach, and what he thinks the foremost quality is in a jungler.

It seemed like you guys had a game plan the entire time. Have you finally found your identity as a team?

I think we’re on our way. We’re finding our rhythm. There’s still a lot of work to be put in so that we can beat teams like Echo Fox, Cloud 9 and Team Liquid. Those are the real top teams and we need to be better to beat them. As far as everyone else, I think we’re showing we can be a tier above them.

Your team gave you a bit of attention this game with LirA giving you a gank and pressure top side. How do you feel about the team allowing you to play a carry role?

Well, the team has their faith in me playing just about anything. Even though it wasn’t the game plan this week to play that matchup, they were able to help me out when I made an early mistake in lane. I know that even when I’m not playing at my best, my team will be able to support me.

Over in the Challenger scene, you were thought of as a flexible player, playing both a tank style and a carry style. How do you feel you’ll do when the meta shifts to a different top lane meta?

I’m not worried about meta shifts affecting my play. I think it might actually be better if the meta shifts so that LirA can play his Lee Sin or Nidalee. If that happens (laughs)…other junglers beware! Everyone knows what he’s able to do on those types of champions.

The draft for this game looked extremely good against TSM. I know this is backwards to conventional thought of how a coach works inside a team but, how is David Lim acclimating to you as players and what you feel comfortable playing?

David is really good at getting player opinion and making sure everyone is comfortable with the game plan and what we want to run. The coaching staff and David get a solid strategy and they run it by all the players, so I don’t really have to think about the draft too much. They just try to find any glaring weaknesses that we have. Most of the time they have a solid idea and it’s what the team has been practicing and what we’re good at.

What do you think the best quality is in a Jungler?

I think the best quality is the ability to…well, when something bad happens and you can just let it go and move on to the next thing (laughs). During jungling, a lot of things can go bad and sometimes it won’t even be your fault. So, I guess having radical acceptance. Just being like, “ok, that was a crappy situation, but I can’t let it affect what’s happening next”. I think it’s great for other players, but jungling especially, you might get your buff stolen or something and you have to say “well, I guess this is happening. I gotta move on though” (laughs). I think that is the best quality.

Do you have any words for the Clutch Gaming fans?

Thanks to the fans for cheering us on. I think it’s awesome that we’re getting the amount of current support, especially with being a new team. We’re going to keep on winning and playing well, so everyone can be along for the ride!

Congrats on the win and best of luck towards many more.


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Izento is a journalist present at the NA LCS, armchair analyst and car enthusiast. As an avid Season 1 League of Legends player, he's since pursued his passion for esports through the power of writing.

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