CG Febiven: “EU has more aggressive junglers because there are a lot of rivalries between the players. They play really bloodthirsty.”

Clutch Gaming took it to the Rift for Week 4 on Saturday against TSM. With a nail biter of a game, CG prevailed and with the crazy objective steals and the rush bot lane to end the game, Izento spoke with Febiven to unravel the absurdity of this game, the plans for their draft phase and NA vs EU level 1’s.

I think everyone wants to know, what the hell was that level 1 invade? Was that pre-established?

When you have Braum, you have a really strong level 1, so we tried to do something. For this specific situation, I think we could have executed it but something went wrong, I don’t know exactly because I was laning, but I heard some miscommunication and poor execution. That was just a minor setback for us (laughs).

After something like that, how was the mentality of the team? How does a team come back from that?

It was really difficult, especially with the draft we had. We already had a losing mid and top, at least pressure wise, so we knew we had to farm for late game and if we get behind, things would become a lot worse. Luckily, they didn’t punish us as much as they should have. Bjergsen could have punished the side lanes more than he did and I’m sure he’ll learn from that. I didn’t have mid pressure the whole game and I don’t believe we lost that much out of it.

Our mental state was completely fine. When we were behind I was just saying “this is how it’s supposed to be. Just farm it up. This is the situation that we’re in, so just suck it up”.

Speaking of the draft, what was the original plan? It looked like in the draft phase, you guys chose a losing top and bot lane matchup, so how is Skarner supposed to function within that team comp?

I think TSM put us in a situation where they forced me on a pick that didn’t have pressure and that was really a smart move by them. We could have gotten out of that dilemma if I picked another champion in the first rotation. It’s difficult because I’m not sure how bot matchup is supposed to go because obviously they died and then we had a losing top and mid. I think we had a disadvantage from draft for sure and that’s not something you should do against the top teams but TSM didn’t punish us enough.

We also kept getting objectives and they were failing around objectives a lot, so we just stole them away. This was an insane game.

The ending was also really close; I was dead and I was just shouting “go bot go bot”! If that would have failed I would have been incredibly sad (laughs). I think we could have ended top because the wave was further pushed but I just called for bot and it worked out fine.

As a side-note, how does a call like that be decided upon so quickly? Looking at respawn timers and being in a situation of “I THINK that we can win the game, but if we don’t, we might be screwed”.

I don’t really think about if we can’t, it’s more like, when the timer is ticking “10…9…” and I just got this feeling that the call was initially correct and I was confident making it, so I just spammed it and everyone ran bot. I think that’s something you should be doing when you’re dead, looking at the map and calling for your team.

What are your thoughts on NA level 1’s? Do you think NA is more aggressive in the early game compared to EU?

I feel that EU junglers are way more aggressive in the early game. I think the NA junglers take a more passive approach, more calculated and playing towards the team. Although, I think there are some teams that play really well during the early game, like Team Liquid. They play great around their windows of pressure and heavily punish with the jungle. There’s also other teams where you expect them to play more offensive but then they don’t, such as TSM. I thought they would take advantage during the early game but they didn’t, so I guess it just team-by-team basis.

I think in general, EU has more aggressive junglers because there’s a lot of rivalries between the players, so they play really bloodthirsty.

Everyone knows that TSM loves their blue buffs and you got firsthand experience against this strategy. What did you gather after facing against their blue control and blue priority?

Controlling your blue buff is incredibly important. Obviously, it’s different depending on the matchups, but usually when you have blue buff and the enemy doesn’t, you should have the push priority. Looking for the blue buff and securing it is something that you should do if you can and also contest it if the enemy is trying to fight for it. I think it’s good that they prioritize it a lot and it’s something we can learn from.

Mid and jungle synergy is vital in League of Legends. Do you think LirA and yourself are caught up with the rest of LCS in this regard?

Yeah, for sure. I think me and Lira have good game understanding and we really know when and what we have to pressure. The only thing that is stopping us from being the best is the communication and synergy. This is something where we already have a good base level. We know how to play our matchups and we have good mechanics. I’m happy with the whole team and our growth so far.

What would you like to say to your new NA audience?

I’m happy we won today and I feel like we really needed this win. Beating TSM feels really good. I’ve not played against Bjergsen for so long and to beat them feels great, even though we got kind of lucky. We played well from behind and Apollo was stealing objectives, but overall, I think we were just more decisive.

Well, that was a really entertaining game and good luck in your games ahead!

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Izento is a journalist present at the NA LCS, armchair analyst and car enthusiast. As an avid Season 1 League of Legends player, he's since pursued his passion for esports through the power of writing.

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