Captain Jack announces break from the professional scene, in an emotional letter to his fans

New Year’s Eve is a time for public New Year’s Resolutions for many people. For Kang “Cpt Jack” Hyung-woo, the famous ADC of CJ Blaze as well as the formal coach for Vici Gaming, it was to take a break from the professional scene; as he announced on his official Twitter account.

Translation of Captain Jack’s letter:

Happy New Year everyone! Hope that wherever you’re reading this, your life is filled with happiness! I’m looking at my Twitter timeline, and it says that it’s already been more than 2 years ago when I was being trolled by Faker’s Alistair. :O Time passes so quickly.

I’m announcing that I’ll be taking a break this season. Looking back at 2017, I’ve tried so many things; I went to university, tried casting, went to China to briefly try my hand in coaching. However, nothing seemed to bring me the sense of joy or fulfillment. I always know that I need to try hard, but I’ve been lacking the “desperation” that makes me try hard.

I asked myself, “What’s the right choice for me?” even though the answer should be obvious, where my will directs me; no one else can choose my path. I realized, I’m feeling confused, so maybe it’s time to catch my breath…that the time has come. That I now need to walk backwards, see if I’ve left anything behind while I’ve been too focused on running fast.

Professional gamer, commentator, coach; nothing is easy, I’ve come to realize. I hope that whatever choice I make next, it fills me with passion again.

If anything, at least my love for game has not changed; and you’ll see me popping up now and again in the gaming scene even during my break. I’ll keep everyone updated, be it in my stream or the fan forums.

Thank you for the fans and the managers who still remember me. Again, happy new year. Happy new year two-fold! Farewell – From Captain Jack (feeling a bit melancholy after a cup of Americano)

Captain Jack
Captain Jack, formal LCK professional player, caster and coach. Source: Twitter@hwkang3

Captain Jack is one of the oldbies of LCK, starting his career as a ADC of CJ Blaze in 2011, later playing in Jin Air and Longzhu Gaming. He was especially renowned for his plays in champions with high mobility such as Graves, Sivir and Vayne, maximizing their survivability and creating the meme “Captain Jack Never Falls”

In 2017, Captain Jack also tried his hand in commentating, color casting for SPOTV. Later the same year, he went to China to become the head coach for Vici Gaming, taking the team to 1st place in LSPL.



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