Broxah has renewed his contract until 2019

Despite Fnatic’s dominance in the 2018 season, the majority of the players’ contracts will run out in the middle of November this year – including the likes of sOAZ, Caps, Bwipo and Broxah.

However, Fnatic has now officially revealed that Broxah has renewed his contract until 2019.

Broxah first emerged to the pro scene playing for the Fnatic Academy team in the EU LCS Spring Split 2017, competing in the Challenger Series. He then replaced former Fnatic Jungler Amazing Mid-Split and has been the starting Jungler since.

He was also recently voted as the number 1 European Jungler in the EU LCS Summer Split 2018 All-Star Vote.

Pictured: Broxah winning the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split in Kopenhagen.
Image courtesy of Riot Games

When asked about the decision to renew his contract, Broxah responded the following:

“My first two years with Fnatic have been really great. I think this year we’ve been going even further than last year due to many factors, one of them being [YoungBuck].

I want to keep building on this team, work hard to go as far as we can and hopefully maintain our spot as the best European team.

Fnatic was the team that gave me my first shot in LCS and I want to help them stay at the top now and do my best to thank them by signing on and staying here.”

Broxah with Youngbuck, Image courtesy of Fnatic

Joey “Youngbuck” Steltenpool also added a few words explaining the deal:

“Broxah has been a centrepiece for this team, both inside and outside of the game. He’s been a real role model. The fans can see for themselves how well he’s been performing, so we’re really happy that Broxah has signed on for the next year.”

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