The Next BIG Name Enters PUBG With A New Team

With a newly formed squad the German esports organization, BIG Clan takes its first steps into the competitive PUBG scene. The team is built around Darren “DaZFPS” Rourke who left Noble esports just days ago despite the team having a secured spot in the IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational. He is accompanied by Antonin “TONI SOSA” Bernhardt, a former German CS:GO player as well as by George “HudzG” Hoskins, a former British CS:S player who joined Unikrn earlier this year as on-camera talent. To complete the roster a new face called Ryan “fake” Kirkpatrick joins the rows of the BIG Clan.

BIG Clan PUBG Roster

Darren “DaZFPS” Rourke
George “HudzG” Hoskins
Antonin “TONI SOSA” Bernhardt
Ryan “fake” Kirkpatrick


Statement by Darren “DaZFPS” Rourke

“Ever since BIG was founded I’ve been a huge fan, I value and respect how professional and dedicated BIG is for success. I believe by putting together this team we can strive for greatness and stamp BIG’s name into the PUBG professional scene with dedication and hard work.

BIG has a huge name in CS:GO and I would like to bring their fan base to PUBG to show what an extremely talented and dedicated team we are. PUBG is the biggest selling game of all time and we know that we want to be known as one of the best within the game.”


After the Ninjas in Pyjamas last week and BIG Clan just now, more and more established esports organizations are joining the competitive PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS scene. Also, Misfits Gaming is rumored to sign a North American squad very soon.

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