AVANGAR DieZzz: “We are basically family with Na’Vi and we also consider each other friends.”

Your team AVANGAR qualified for IEM Oakland 2017 and eventually got disqualified as the teams wasn’t able to provide full visas in time. This time around you face serious issues once again. Can you talk me through the process of the last couple of weeks?

Drainys, the player that had issues attending IEM Oakland wasn’t officially part of the roster back then which caused issues. The main reason, in the end, was that it is very hard for residents from the CIS region to receive a visa to the United States. Therefore it takes a lot of time and the team couldn’t make it until the deadline.

For the PGI, the issue was that the tournament is being hosted in Berlin but the company that issued the invitation to the competition is Korean. That’s the reason why the Germany embassy in Kazakhstan initially declined the visas. We then contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they helped us a lot but the first step of assistance has come from members of PUBG Corp. They immediately made different contacts and issues various invitations that helped us to get the visas in the end.


What would help to improve that process and avoid those issues?

I think once esports is being recognized as an official sport there will be much fewer issues like this.


Na’Vi has been the other team qualifying for the CIS region. Do you think there is a “better” team between you two or do you consider both teams on the same level?

There are two teams in the CIS region. Na’Vi and AVANGAR. It doesn’t matter who places first and who second. Both teams are destined to be at the PGI.


On social media, we could see pictures of players of both teams strolling through Berlin. Considering that Drainys, who now plays for Na’Vi, has formerly been playing for AVANGAR, how is the relationship between you guys?

We are basically family with Na’Vi and we also consider each other friends. Drainys transfer to Na’Vi is just part of the sport and is business so no one took it personally and the friendship lives on. We are always friendly outside of the game but ingame we are enemies.

You are in Berlin since Sunday if I’m not mistaken? How is the atmosphere between the teams in general and especially between the Western teams the teams from Asia?
When we arrived here over the weekend all Western player approached us and said they hope that we’ll be able to solve the visa issues just in time. As we regularly scrim with other European and North American teams we consider each other friends but we do not really have any contact with the Asian teams.


Currently ranked 17th, your team had a rough start into the tournament. What did go wrong today?
There is no dismoral. We played really well until the 4th or 5th phase. If you die you made a mistake and we will sure improve tomorrow.


Today’s matches have been played in TPP while all your other competitions are being played in FPP. How do you feel about being forced to play different modes that require different strategies and skill sets?
It should be balanced and if you want to consider yourself a professional player you should be good at both, TPP and FPP. If you are an Asian player you should brace yourself for FPP and vice versa. For this tournament, they should have arranged more maps per game mode because eight is not enough.


There are many PUBG tournaments being announced lately, including a Pro League for 2019. How do you see the general development of the competitive PUBG scene?

We don’t know yet whether or not the CIS region will be a part of the European Pro League. Either way, if it is, we will participate in it and if not, we will fight for it. However, as soon as a CIS Pro League would come up we would prefer to compete there over Europe.

Overall I think there are already enough competitions out there to fill the schedules. I personally prefer all Auzom competitions, I don’t really like the rest.


Anything you would like to address towards your fans or the fans of AVANGAR?

Much thanks to our fans who support us through all the troubles we have to go through. Despite our placements, we love you. Also, buy our hoodies! 😉

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