Auzom Premier League – Round 2

Auzom Premier League
What happened in Round 1 of the Auzom Premier League?

Most things have been going according to the plan except for the team from Noble who were not able to participate in the tournament. All other 79 teams attended. Also, only three of the four servers were streamed live due to a lack of available casters. That way two of the top teams, Gorilla Core e-Sports and “no loot gaming” competed hidden from the public. All group favorites did show why they have that status with one exception. Team SoloMid only played 7th in their lobby, scoring 34 points in three matches. It is not a secret that the squad around BreaK highly prefers to play the first-person perspective nonetheless a true top team should able to perform in the third-person perspective. This result puts TSM down in Lobby II for Round 2. If they don’t deliver in their preferred mode they could lose their status as a favorite quite quickly.

Most lethal player (kills): TeaBoneTV (22)

Most lethal team (kills): Team Kinguin (43)

Top scoring round (points): Team Kinguin (53)

Auzom Premier League – Round 2 Outlook

Noble, who weren’t able to attend last week, will start in Lobby IV alongside Cloud9 and Tempo Storm who are both new to the league. In Lobby II Team SoloMid should bring home at least one chicken dinner during the first-person perspective round. In Lobby I, it is a close run between Gorilla Core e-Sports and Team Kinguin who both top the leaderboard with 107 points. Initially, the total amount of kills of a team was supposed to act as the tiebreaker between two or more teams with the same score. This rule got changed so that now the best average placement will act as a tiebreaker. Due to this rule change Team Kinguin, who made one more kill than Gorilla Core e-Sports, drop down to #2. Even though they managed to win two of the three matches, their 16th place in the second match puts them behind Gorilla Core e-Sports when it comes to average placements.

Round 2 / Lobby I: Teams with the same score might have an inaccurate seeding due to a rule change. However, the list of teams is accurate.

Watch live on Sunday at 20 CEST:
Lobby I: Auzom
Lobby II: Boogie
Lobby III: Daskro
Lobby IV: – No Stream –

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