Auzom Premier League Will Debut Tonight

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The Auzom Premier League (APL) Season 1 is an eight weeks long league that will feature 80 top teams from Europe and North America. Both, first-person perspective (FPP) and third-person perspective (TPP) will be played, alternating every week. The matches will be played in a best-of three format on every Sunday at 20:00 CEST and while match will feature 20 teams. At the time of its debut, the APL is the most extensive and most complex competition within the PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS scene.

The Leaderboards & Server Settings

Similar to most PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS tournaments, the league will feature a point system based on the team placements within the single matches. The scoring system looks like this:

1st place: 32 points
2nd place: 25 points
3rd place: 20 points
4th place: 15 points
5th place: 13 points
6th place: 11 points
7th place: 9 points
8th place: 7 points
9th place: 5 points
10th place: 3 points
11-15th place: 1 point
16th-last place: 0 points

Each kill will grant one additional point. Due to the fairly low points awarded by the placements, kills will have a major influence on the ranking within the league. Many players have been asking for a stronger weighting of kills towards the rankings. It is quite likely that this kind of point system will result into more exciting gameplay for the viewers.

While every match will be played without any weather effects (clear skies), red zones, as well as the spawn of cosmetics, will be disabled. There has been a consensus among the players that doubled AR and ammunition spawns favor the gameplay, the game settings might be adjusted in one of the further rounds.

The Lobbies and Playoffs

During the initial week, the teams got drawn into random lobbies. The lobbies for the further weeks will be based on the standings in the leaderboards. The top 20 teams will go into Lobby I, the following 20 in Lobby II and so on.

Auzom Premier League Mode
Seeding example provided by auzom.

After the eight weeks are played, the top 16 teams from Lobby I will qualify for the playoffs. In the playoffs, the teams will compete in a best-of-four (2x FPP, 2x TPP) to determine the Auzom Premier League champion.

Due to Bluehole’s initial ruleset on custom game access for PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS, tournament organizers are not allowed to provide prizes for their tournaments. The Shotcaller learned that tournament organizers will soon be allowed to provide material prizes up to a worth of $5,000 USD.

Round I Favorites

Teams to look out for in Lobby I are Gorilla Core around Haxete, the Pittsburgh Knights led by Voxsic and “no loot gaming” around outc1der. Lobby II is not less packed with squads like Team Kinguin around ibiza, The Rats led by Suntouch and Rockets eSports around hypoc. Lobby III will feature prominent teams like Method around RaptorDaRaptor, PENTA Sports led by Frosz and the Corn Shuckers around PaaaRADOX. Last but not least Legion led by Romz, Noble around Interrogate, Team Liquid and Team Solo Mid led by Viss will bring the action to Lobby IV.

Three out of four lobbies will be broadcasted in round one.

Lobby II: Daskro
Lobby III: Boogie
Lobby IV: Auzom (ft. Toffees)

Alexander Hugo
Alexander studied Media and Communication Management in Berlin and London with additional two years of legal studies in Osnabrück, Germany. The Shotcaller is his second esports related project after founding PENTA Sports in 2014.