Apollo: “It’s really good to move with your Support so you don’t have to regain that synergy with another person.”

Clutch Gaming have proved they deserve some respect, as they defeated a shambled Counter Logic Gaming during Week 6 of the NA LCS. Their record is soaring upwards and their bot lane is looking to be dependable when it comes to closing out games.

Izento spoke with Apollo “Apollo” Price about his game against CLG, adjusting to new supports and moving to different teams as a duo.

Against CLG, your team lost the outer turrets pretty early and the game looked quite difficult in that state. How do you feel about the early game?

Going into the game, we knew we had a late game scaling comp. We had a lot of losing priority lanes. We drafted Ezreal and Taric into Kalista and Rakan, so they were going to have pressure bot lane. Top was the only lane which was going to be somewhat equal or even ahead with the Sion pick. Azir was supposed to be losing but I think Febiven won that because he just played well.

So, we were losing bot lane until we could call for resources and get help from the team. I just didn’t do a good job of that.

After the bot lane turret went down early, they snowballed off of that and used that pressure to transition into top turret and then finally mid turret. The one saving grace was that we got the dragons, so even though they got the turrets, we slowed the bleeding with getting dragons. Going into the game we knew we had to make some sacrifices to get past the early game.

How do you feel about asking for jungle pressure or a mid rotation when you’re losing a matchup? In solo queue, it’s thought that calling for jungle assistance is kind of like admitting defeat. So, how do those different mindsets compare when looking at it from a solo queue aspect and a team aspect?

In solo queue, it does kind of feel like when you ask for help, you’re somewhat admitting defeat, like you said. In a team setting, it shouldn’t really feel like that, it should be that you need help from your team and this is a 5v5 game, so I can use my resources if they’re doing well they can help me. The difference is that people are too scared to ask for resources because their ego gets in the way and they don’t want to admit that they lost on their own. But, it happens, right? This game specifically, we didn’t really have any right to win our lane, so I thought it was ok. It sucks when you’re a winning matchup and your losing lane, yes, that’s going to hurt you even more to call for resources, but this game it was important that we did.

What are your thoughts on patch 8.4 thus far? The mid optimization for different items also means that they might be able to carry more. So how do you think this is going to influence your own role?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t played too many games on 8.4 and it’s hard to judge since there was just so much overloaded into one patch randomly. There were so many ADC changes and rune changes. I don’t think it’s going to affect my role too much except for Kog’Maw, Kalista and Twitch I believe. Maybe we could see Ziggs come back in the bot lane with the new AP items.

You’ve been on a ton of different teams. What’s the most important thing about adapting to a new support?

It’s really just about your attitude. You have to be able to understand how your support wants to play and how it contrasts to the style you want to play. Coaches help in meshing you both together so that it’s not just both of you hashing it out, you have help from your team. Some of it comes down to how you both want to play, but it really comes down to how the team wants to function. That’s the final thing that ultimately decides it. Just like in any team game, you have to work with your duo partner and compromise.

More duos are moving to different teams as a pair. Do you think this is going to be the case for more duos around the world? Is this necessarily an important or good thing?

I can see why people do it. If you’re performing well as a duo and you work well with the other person, then it’s really good to just move with each other so you don’t have to regain that synergy with another person. I think it might depend on the player – sometimes two players aren’t working with other players and they just found the perfect support or ADC.

Now Challenger allows for duo queueing. What are your thoughts about this change since some time has passed since they implemented it?

I don’t know why they took it out (laughs). I think it’s really cool that I can duo queue with my support, but I don’t always duo, it’s not like every second I’m playing LoL that I insist we duo but it’s nice to have the option if you need to work on something. Actually, it’s nice to do it with anyone you know, not just limited to supports instead of going on a smurf. I’m surprised they took it out and I’m glad they put it back in.

Any shoutouts?

Thanks to the fans for supporting us and our win against CLG was good for us but it felt like we made a lot of mistakes compared to some of our other wins. Keep supporting us and thanks for watching!

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