AnDa: “Balls didn’t really give me any advice other than “play well”

With FlyQuest getting an unexpected victory over 100 Thieves, they’re looking like they might be able to contend for the middle of the pack despite packing a loss against a top team like Cloud 9 on Sunday.

Izento spoke with Andy “AnDa” Hoang about his Jax pick, the jungle substitution in Week 3 of Shrimp, and his thoughts about his cousin Balls.

You just upset 100 Thieves. Did this play out exactly like you wanted?

Yes. We got most of the picks we wanted and we were all pretty confident going into the match and I suppose it showed in our play. We started a lot of fights off knowing that we could win them.

Historically, Jax has been a top lane pick and he requires a lot of gold and scaling in order to be effective. What makes Jax such a good pick in the jungle currently? What circumstances have changed for Jax to be viable in the jungle?

The jungle meta right now is based on farming a lot and warding for your team. There isn’t much action in the early game, and it’s known that Jax needs gold for Trinity Force, so you have more time to farm towards that item in this meta. It’s not a bad pick right now because you’re able to scale up.

How do you think the jungle meta is shaping up?

The meta is kind of weird because you can play multiple styles, so it doesn’t make it awful, but I’d prefer less tanks and more champions like Nidalee and Lee Sin.

Can we expect your infamous Nidalee in the LCS?

Hopefully soon, when the time is right (laughs).

Fly has finally made it into your lineup. Have you had much time to practice with him in scrims? And how is he adapting with the team so far?

He actually came back 6 days ago because he had to go back to South Korea to get his visa finished, so he hasn’t been here for the first 3 weeks to practice with us, so we were practicing with Keane in the meantime.

So, you guys didn’t get any time in the preseason to practice with him?

We did do a Korean boot camp in December, but then when he came to the US, we figured out he had visa issues, so he moved to Vancouver and we were able to scrim with him during that time as well, but the time was split between him and Keane. Eventually he had to return to South Korea to finish his visa, so we weren’t able to scrim with him during that time since the ping is terrible.

What was the thought process starting Shrimp over yourself in Week 3?

I guess the team wanted to try out something different to see if there were things that we could improve on that wasn’t as apparent with me in the game. Rapidstar wanted me to sit back and observe the things that Shrimp does well, like being proactive on the map early, being assertive with calls and asking for help from your teammates.

You were a top laner on your last team in Challenger Series. What made you want to role swap?

Well, on Immortals I was a jungle sub, but before that I was a top laner. In late 2016 I decided to swap to jungle because I enjoy the role more and I thought that I had a higher skill ceiling for the role. I was also supposed to join an LCS team for the jungle role. Since I’ve played the role as my secondary, I always knew I had it in me to get to this level.

So, you’re an old school player when role selection wasn’t a thing?

Yeah. Generally, in solo queue I like to fill anyways. I like to think I’m good at all roles (laughs).

Junglers are often shotcallers for the early stages of the game. How has your transition been in terms of increased communication from solo queue to LCS?

This is something that I think every new jungler struggles with, especially since I’m not the most vocal person. I learned a lot from my time with Immortals with how Xmithie does his shotcalling, as he was a leader on the team. I learned a lot from him and incorporated that into my play and every day during scrims, I’m trying to be more vocal.

What’s the best advice your cousin Balls gave you about being a pro player?

I asked him to send help jokingly (laughs), but he didn’t really give me any advice other than “play well”. I wish he was still playing but he doesn’t want to play in Academy. I hope he comes back to LCS soon because it’s kind of sad that the time he leaves LCS at the time that I’m joining and it would have been cool to face him. He was also supposed to be on the same team as me last year, so it’s pretty unfortunate.

Do you have anything to say to the fans?

Thanks for supporting me and keep cheering on FlyQuest.

Thank you very much for your time!

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